4 Ways To Increase YouTube Channel Watch Time

Let’s be honest and accept that we all have wasted our leisure time watching the YouTube videos. Well, you might not believe this but people are creating YouTube channels all the time to gain some audience (and some people are even doing it for the fame!) But only a few of them are attaining the high success factors on their channels.

When on YouTube, one needs to ensure that they are capturing high watch time on their YouTube channel and videos. This is because it increases the number of views on youtube while adding to the engagement factor for the audience. In this article, we are describing four different ways through which YouTube channel owners will be able to increase the watch time on the videos. So, let’s see what you can do about it!

YouTube Watch Time – What Is It?

There was a time when YouTube was ranking the channel videos based on the number of views but back in 2012, the trend was changed. This is because YouTube changed its algorithm through which people will be able to enhance their channel visibility and ranking based on the watch time. Watch time is the time people and viewers have spent in watching the videos. 

If the channel has a high watch time, the success factor will be ensured and the ranking will spike up. Once there is an increase in the watch time, YouTube will start promoting your YouTube channel through recommendations and search results. This will lead to higher views and better visibility. Now that you are aware of what watch time is, you can increase the success rate. 

In the article below, we have added the four ways through which you will improve the watch time for your YouTube channel and videos. So, let’s start!

1.Make A Structure Of Playlists

Whenever you have a YouTube channel, there ought to be videos and if you intend on increasing the watch time, you need to structure up the playlists. This is because playlists will enhance the viewing experience because it helps users access the best content. You need to ensure that you are organizing the videos in the most influential and captivating manner. 

With this notion, the audience will start watching more videos, leading to higher watch time which also poses a positive impact on the ranking. You need to be smart about the end and starting time of the videos because that’s when you design the timing for adding new video recommendations. This will enhance the user experience by improving the viewer’s experience. 

2.Work On Thumbnails & Titles

When it comes down to increasing the watch time of your videos, you need to think about the thumbnails and titles because they can directly impact the ranking. These thumbnails and titles will help in stimulating the video clicks and also, provide insights about the video content. The audience will start taking interest in your videos if you develop the right blend of thumbnails and titles. 

While you are the notion, you need to choose the images that will pose a clear image about the image of the content. Also, you need to choose the right image that doesn’t mislead the audience. The image should be compelling and incorporate the storytelling techniques. Also, the titles should be engaging enough to make the audience stop and read! 

3.Keep Using The Cards

There are multiple ways through which people can use the cards but if you want to engage your audience, it is better to link videos with different videos on the channel. These cards will increase the watch time while promoting the channel. In addition, there are high chances that people will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

4.Long-Tail Keywords

You might have thought that keywords don’t hold any importance but YouTube is one of the search engine platforms as well. So, the keywords will directly impact the watch time on the YouTube videos and by using the long-tail keywords, you will be able to design an entire video concept. In addition, these keywords will help in designing the video title as well. It is better to check the competitor’s pages for keyword research. 

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