Advertising of fashion design in the world


The choice of a particular medium and the cost of an advertisement (known as an ‘advert’) in that medium is dictated by the number of people who will see, read, watch or listen to the advert. Costs associated with each of these types of advertising can be accessed via the website of a specific c media channel or publication. These costs are for the media space and do not reflect the costs associated with shooting a campaign. When exotic destinations, celebrity photographers, models and stylists are factored in, the costs can be extremely high.

Television advertising

TV advertising has a wide reach, which means that it can be seen by a lot of people from a wide variety of demographics. TV advertising tends to be expensive in terms of professional production costs and the most sought-after media slots are also expensive to occupy. TV adverts need to appeal to a large majority of viewers. They are, therefore, more suited to retailers and brands that have a wide geographic and demographic spread, such as Marks and Spencer, Gap, Nike and Levi’s

Cinema advertising

Cinema advertising can use an extended version of a TV advert. A longer version can communicate more on image and product range. Cinema’s target market can be more precisely defined because certain films (action, comedy or romance) appeal to separate segments of the total population. Product placement in a fi lm can be reflected in the advertising. Cinema advertising can reflect the local geography, advertising local fashion malls, but some local advertising can be very unprofessional or amateurish and merely draw hoots of derision.

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