Bomber Jacket and Jersey for Girls and Teenagers

Every year, with the onset of the first snapshots of autumn, we remove outerwear from the cabinets. But while there are still good days on the street, it seems like you’re wearing a warm jacket or coat as soon as it is, but you still need some kind of universal jacket or jersey that you can slip on if it gets cool. For such cases, the ideal version if you are in sports is Kobe Bryant Laker jersey, it will be a style and very fashionable now among teenage “bombers”.

The jackets received the name of “bomber jacket” by the clothes sewn for the military pilots of the United States. Then such jackets became very popular in universities, where they placed the logo of the educational institution. And now, the bomber jacket is a very fashionable thing, which is in great demand in many countries. Bombers produce for men and women, and for children and adolescents.

The most important difference between bombers is the presence of knitted elastic bands on the sleeve cuffs, on the collar and on the bottom edge of the product. Such elastic bands on jackets are very functional, they perfectly protect against the penetration of cold wind. Also, bomber jackets are quite bulky, adding a bit of neglect to the look. Bomber jackets perfectly fit into the fashionable casual style. And all bomber jackets are equipped with comfortable and deep pockets, have a free silhouette and a round neck.

Every season, designers modify this model of jackets and bring them something new. To date, there are models of hooded bombers, which are very convenient and practical for cold and rainy weather. Bomber jackets are also made with various interesting prints and are sewn from a variety of materials.

The color range of bomber jackets is also very extensive. You can find jackets in quieter, muted tones, and you can buy a bomber jacket in the brightest and most unexpected colors. The especially popular and favorite color of bombers in girls is pink.

Fashion Trends

Today, bomber jackets sew from a variety of materials: nylon, cotton, knitwear, fleece, and even satin and silk.

The “bomber” style is now used for the manufacture not only of jackets, but also of all kinds of blouses and sweatshirts. School bombers became popular again, on which, as in the old days, the logos of famous universities or a number indicating the name of an educational institution were embroidered. Such models are ideal for everyday appearance, and your child can safely wear them to school.

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For Girls

For girls, you can safely choose the colorful and interesting models of jacket-bombers. Let your daughter’s image be bright and memorable. What is current and fashionable are now a variety of embroidery and stripes on jackets. Models with multi-colored prints are very popular now: animals, geometric shapes, floral designs.

For Teens

For teenage girls, the volumetric model of bombers became very popular. The voluminous bomber jacket creates the impression that the girl is borrowing it from her boyfriend, which is sure to give its owner confidence.

How to Choose

It is important to choose the correct model and color of the bomber jacket that suits this particular girl. After all, a wrong color or excessive volume cannot emphasize the advantages, but, on the contrary, spoil the image and draw excessive attention to the flaws.

A bomber jacket with bright sleeves can make the owner fuller, as well as a bright impression. In this case, it is better to choose a model that fits you exactly and fits perfectly. For those who are not worried about this problem, you can choose fashionable voluminous jackets from our online Mac Miller Merch.

What to Wear

To look stylish, you need to know what to properly pair a bomber jacket with.

For teenage girls, the combination of a bomber jacket and skinny jeans will be a great option. And also, a bomber jacket with shorts and even shorts will look stylish. For lovers of skirts, there are also winning combinations: choose short skirts made of cotton or denim.

To create a more romantic image, you can combine a bomber jacket with a beautiful light dress. This combination will also create a contrast of textures in the image, which is very fashionable and relevant this season.

From shoes to a casual look with a bomber jacket, you can wear comfortable and elegant sneakers. And “when going out” combine a bomber jacket with shoes with heels or ankle boots.

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