Characteristics of a good product line sheet template:

There are numerous line sheet templates available online. They are easy to populate and ready to download. However, not every sheet has the potential to interest the maximum amount of customers towards your products.

In this article, I have described some of the characteristics that make up a good product line sheet template. You should consider these elements before choosing any template for your business.


The first impression matters a lot when using line sheets. The observer creates a judgmental image of your product. This image is based upon the impression he got at first glance from the line sheet. Therefore, the sheet should be very neat and elegant. It should interest the customer to fully ready the document before making an opinion about your product.

The best line sheet is well-organized as well as good-looking. The sales sheet is a virtual guide that explains your products without any physical interaction. It convinces the customer by answering all the questions in his mind.

  • The template should have allocated spacing for all the products.
  • It should also include a header space for your brand name and logo.
  • The products should be placed at an optimum distance from each other.
  • The space for product specifications is enough for all the details.  

Customer Attention:

A good product line sheet template is sure to receive more customer attention. The first goal for any line sheet is to make it interesting for the customer. You can never get an order unless the customer reads the whole line sheet. It is necessary to keep the sheet simple yet attractive for the buyer.


The first thing you need to consider before choosing a template is your audience. The designs for retail and wholesale line sheets are entirely different. A retail sales sheet is consists of more details than a wholesale sheet. Even in wholesale sheets, you need to consider whether you are targeting prominent vendors or local stores.

In the case of the retail line sheet, the information is very detailed. It has details for both new and experienced users. It needs to be easily understood by everyone for a successful business.


You should be very clear about what you want to achieve with the sheet. Whether you will be convincing the buyer by providing necessary details or is the line sheet a medium of getting bulk orders by the vendors?

 Suppose your target is to get as many wholesale orders as possible. You need to keep the purchasing process to be as quick and straightforward as possible. Neither the buyer nor you have the time to give demos or to explain your product lineage. Make the design simple enough to get orders even on a call.

The medium of business:

The line sheet requirements are different for different mediums of doing business. Printable line sheets are more interactive, while online order sheets are more interactive.

A line sheet represents you and your brand. It would be best to consider all of the above characteristics before choosing any product line sheet template.

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