Different Style of Chandeliers that Uplifts the Look of your House

Chandelier is a decorative piece that has been a part of the interiors in every era. From simple wooden chandeliers with candles fixed on it to crystal, metal chandeliers with light fixtures, chandeliers have evolved over the years. Some chandeliers include the art and style of the old days while some include the western fashion on wrought iron. 

Various materials are used in the making of chandeliers. For example, iron, plastic, metal, brass, glass, etc. with time you can experience the latest design and style in the market. However, we all know, the more classic it looks, the more expensive it will be. 

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Every chandelier is designated for different spaces in the house. There are various styles of chandeliers and you have to find the right chandelier for your home in that crowd. Mentioned below are different types of chandelier styles, which can throw some light and help in making the right choice –

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Candle style

It is the old classic design which was used in the 14th and 17th Century. In those days, these candle style chandeliers were made with wood that had arms to hold many candles along with dripping pot to collect melting wax. With the evolution of light, the dripping plate vanished from this style and gradually different types of materials were being used in manufacturing. However, the old classic design remains the same. It gives charm to any room


Shaded chandelier provides dimmer and warmer lights. The brightness is less than candle style. These shaded can be transparent or opaque, upward or downwards, depending upon an individual’s choice. It is a good choice to give a calm and warm look to your living room in the evening.


It is shaped as a drum-like chandelier. One large drum shape is surrounded by a series of lights. This type of chandelier provides muted light in all rooms which is good for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and living room.


As the name suggests the entire chandelier has crystals to enhance the lights. The hanging rod can be of any material that can hold the weight of crystals. The crystals can be of any shape, round, ball shape, ovals, rectangular. The number of cuts or sides in a crystal will help in emitting different waves of light. Crystal chandeliers are always expensive depending upon the designs and unique shapes of crystals. Crystal chandeliers are always the best choice in all types of chandeliers as it gives a romantic and eye-catching look to the entire house. 


The design is like a bomb explosion. A series of branches are protruding from the center point. It looks more like an atom. The arms coming out from the central point are straight. They have lights either at both ends or at only one end of the arm. 


Globe style as the name suggests, looks exactly like a globe. The series of lights are wrapped inside a round cave which looks exactly like a globe. This design is for the modern world. The orb cages are made of metal. 

Wagon Wheel 

One or many metal rings are hanging from a chain. Various lights are attached to these rings in an upward direction. The design is simple and looks elegant in any room and interior. 


They can be square, rectangular, triangular, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, etc. any type of geometrical shape will have a light fixture enclosed in the cage-like structure. If you’ve seen the square and rectangular form of chandeliers at many places then other geometrical designs are meant for you. 


Empire style gives the old traditional and royal look to the chandelier. These were the actual chandeliers that were used by the royal class like Queen Victoria and European rulers. It has 2 sections where the top is a cone shape and the bottom is a bowl or bell shape. The entire chandelier consists of small lights. The Empire style chandelier has a series of crystals attached to it because traditional royal chandeliers were all about crystals. 

When you explore the market, you’ll realize there are other designs available. With time and trend demands for unique styles and designs keep rising. Competitor is tough, and therefore every company has to come up with the latest trending design to satisfy their customers. There is definitely something suitable for your home in the market.

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