How to Find the Right Marketing Niche for Your Website


Do you want your business to appear 50 pages deep into the search results for a particular topic along with 40 million other websites? Financially speaking, it is far more beneficial for your business to appear on the first page of search results, for a category with only 3/4 of a million other websites. Think about this for a moment. 

Let’s say your business markets spaceships on the internet. Do you need millions of people clicking on your website looking for spaceships, if in reality you only happen to sell solar spaceships? Wouldn’t it make more sense to place in the top 10 search results specifically for solar spaceships? 

Would you rather have 5,000 unique visitors per day (of which 50 might be convinced to read about your solar spaceships, or would it make far more sense to have 200 unique visitors daily looking specifically for solar spaceships? 

Keep in mind that the primary objective is not finding a way to bring tons of general traffic to your site. The objective is to bring substantial traffic to your website that is in fact looking specifically for what you offer! 

Such as the keyword phrases of this article is Online Marketing Company because we just only want to zoom in on our market niche. Page views do not determine the financial success of a page. Your website can produce thousands of hits a day that do not actually result in sales. 

I have a client who had his page views of a particular page decrease significantly when he became more specific in choosing his page titles, while revenue from the page nearly doubled. When it comes to ranking for managed IT services in Perth, it all comes down to if the site visitors are making an enquiry or not. One thing to watch out for on a page logging high page views, is how long they are staying on your site. 

If you have a significant number of page views that the visitors are remaining less than a minute, it is often that they are not looking for what your business provides. This happens frequently when a “general” key phrase is targeted. 

Finding Your Niche on The Internet

I always hated trying to understand articles that explain things using the generic terms such as red spaceships and blue widget, so let’s try to explain this with a few real life examples.

The most logical key phrase for our main online business would be the term web design. However, with nearly 14 million search results for that term, the odds are not in our favour for our site to appear on the front page of search results for web design. The solution is to decide what our niche is within this highly competitive category. 

I need you to understand this next fact inside out and backwards. Every page on your website must focus on only one specific topic. If you currently have pages covering multiple topics divide them up by adding additional pages. You are not limiting how many key phrases you can use. You are simply limiting how many are on a single page. If you want to use ten different key phrases, then you need to create ten pages for those key phrases.

However, you must also have quality content for those pages. Once you understand this, you will see a number of niches you can benefit from. Another client of ours is an insurance company. Although they are in the insurance business, our focus is on Income protection insurance for doctors. We are far happier being the second site for income protection for surgeons out of 331,000 search results, and first for “income protection insurance medical” out of 830,000 search results, than we would be if our business was located on the 50th page of nearly 14 million search results! 

As another example, we specialize in graphics. In fact, this is probably our favourite part of the business. Google returns nearly 40 million search results for this term! The likelihood of our site ending up on the front page of results for this competitive keyword is small. This is where you must take the time to determine what it is that sets your business apart from all of the other companies that fall under your general category. 

What is it that you do? Let’s say our niche is that we design custom rocket graphics. Always placing in the top 5 for this term nets us far more income than if our site was buried in the middle of 40 million search results for the term graphics. What this means is that when the phone rings in our office, the odds are very good that it is a potential client that is looking specifically for a service that we provide. 

We’re not receiving calls or emails from customers looking for rocket engines when we only sell solar spaceships! For an online business, or for that matter any business to be successful, there has to be something that sets them apart from all the other companies like them. 

We would love to be found with the term Internet Marketing Company on the world wide level however the chance of having rank well on such a competitive keyword phrase is very low. So we focus on our market niche by using the terms like Online Marketing Company. By now you got the point!

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