How to Process a License of Truck Driver in Dubai?

Meta Description: Each administrative system has a few steps and tests to complete the procedure to get license of truck driver in Dubai.

The logistics business is growing all around the world, and Dubai is not far behind. With multiple industries growing and cut-throat competition between companies, shipping is crucial. In this article we will talk about the process of the license of truck driver in Dubai like emirates.

Every sector and company require shipping services, and that is mostly done by the road. Rental trucks play a big part in the process, and hence, multiple truck drivers are required. This article will explain how a commercial license can be processed in Dubai.

Age requirement

The individual applying for the truck driver’s license needs to be of the minimum age of twenty. Every state has its own regulations related to a commercial driver’s license. A commercial license is a bit different than a regular one. It bestows more responsibility on the driver. If the individual is of twenty years or above, they can apply for the license.


A commercial truck driver does not need to have higher education, but the primary qualification is necessary. To understand the signals and basic interaction, the applicant must have a certain amount of knowledge and IQ.

These drivers usually must travel exceptionally long distances, and it involves a lot of interaction with multiple people. So, basic education is one of the most important requirements for the job.

Apply online or ask your employer

If an applicant wishes to go through the process, they can apply online by going to the required website. If you are hired by any logistic company, then mostly they will start training and license process.

  • The application will only be complete once the documents are submitted and verified.
  • The applicant’s medical documents are crucial in the application as a truck driver needs to be in good health before starting with their job.
  • It is a tedious job and requires a certain amount of fitness.
  • The training certificate also needs to be attached for the application.

This is to verify that the individual is trained properly and is fit for driving a commercial vehicle.

Get pass in the driving tests and complete the procedure!

The application is the first step towards getting a commercial license of truck driver. The next step will be going for the test for the license. Each administrative system has a few steps to complete the procedure. Once the applicant passes these tests, they will be eligible for receiving the driver’s license. In Dubai, getting driving license is not an easy task. After 3 months training, a driver can be failed also.

In case of a lost license

If the driver loses the license under any circumstance, they must re-apply for it. They do not have to pass the test again, but they must produce a few documents. A photocopy of the lost license would be the most important document of all, to get a duplicate of it.

Some of the reputed companies also provide license of truck driver after license training. They train drivers for minimum of 3 months. After this training, they conduct many rounds of driving tests. A driver can get license after completion of these tests on the road of Dubai.

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