Kickboxing VS Karate – Which is Better for You?

People often want to know which martial arts among kickboxing and karate is the best. Even though both sports have their origin in Japan and share a strong bond, they are strikingly different from each other. Both sports have their own benefits for the player. Enthusiasts for each may argue that their game is better.

If you’re looking to start with any of these martial arts, then you must know that each has its pros and cons. So, if you’re looking for a better option between the two, then you must know that it totally depends upon what you’ve planned to accomplish. Your goals will decide what kind of martial arts is better for you. 

To avoid oversimplification, we’ve designed this special guide to help you learn which martial art may be more suitable under a particular scenario. We’ve made comparisons between the two martial arts in a number of areas. So, let’s get started!


When we talk about fitness, it’s really important to know that you’re willing to put in everything to build strength and get fit. If you’ve some fitness goals in your mind, it may occur to you that kickboxing may be the right option. Well, surprisingly, according to Kickboxing Classes Dallas “both kickboxing and karate will allow you to burn 600 to 700 calories in an hour.”

Also, both martial arts will require you to have intense warm-up sessions, before you’re burning to start freely with the workout. You would require good flexibility to practice kicks in karate. It should not be surprising to know that when you opt for kickboxing, you’ll be stretching and sparring a lot to move into the conditioning phase. 

So, it totally depends upon you. Whatever kind of training suits you or that you enjoy, could be your option between the two. As regards fitness, both martial arts parallel in terms of benefits provided to the athlete. 


Kick-boxing coaches will teach you to strike hard and overcome your opponent aggressively. However, it’s worthwhile to know that both kickboxing and karate are basically for the purpose of self-defense. Most of the techniques that are taught in the ring for self-defense may not apply in fights or competitions in kickboxing. 

Similarly, if you’re a karate enthusiast, you should know that there are numerous strikes that are taught for blocking. Both martial arts help you build resilience. Focusing on self-defense will allow you to work on your mindset while you’re in front of an opponent. It is also important to know that coaches these days work through an aggressive training course. 

So, if you’re looking for an extensive training program on self-defense, then you must take a self-defense program in conjunction with your favorite martial arts. 


The philosophy of karate is quite the opposite of what you’ll learn about kickboxing. Kickboxing is often considered a martial art of ruthless aggression. You must be aggressive enough to outplay your opponent as quickly as you can. 

The technique is based on the idea of self-defense meaning to defend oneself, one must be able to launch heavy strikes to fend off their opponent.  On the other hand, karate works with the idea of meditation. A fighter must be calm before they start a fight and should maintain patience until they are victorious. 

The strikes have to be smooth and strong, whereas, in kickboxing, the strikes could be hard. An opponent may launch solid attacks to deter against their opponent. You’ll learn numerous counterattacks if you choose to learn kickboxing. The philosophy behind both martial arts is different. 


Both martial arts have their own sophisticated techniques for practice. There’s a lot of knowledge to grasp both martial arts. Kickboxing is mostly aggressive striking. The harder you hit, the greater the momentum you’ll have running your way. 

On the other hand, karate is more focused on precision and calmness. It does not require fighters to strike hard. But, fighters must know where to hit and how to hit. The goal is always to avoid damage and hit targets with precision. 

Kickboxers are required to move forward with momentum. Proactivity may help. On the flip side, if you’re a karate guy, you must know that karate technique is rather reactive. It requires observing the opponent’s footwork with calmness. Hence, both sports have their own sophisticated techniques. 

Mixed-Martial Artists

MMA competitors learn extensively about kickboxing. MMA competitions are most intense, encouraging fighters to inflict great damage on each other, to eliminate each other from the competition. However, it is not necessary. 

In fact, a person aspiring to become an MMA competitor can incorporate drills from both kickboxing and karate to develop themselves as better fighters. Karate training will provide knowledge on how to delve oneself into the right mindset to be able to observe the opponent calmly. Kickboxing will help to build endurance, allowing the fighter to build stamina


The rules are also strikingly different for both sports. If you’re a fighter who struggles with stamina, then you may want to try karate as single points are counted as scores. On the other hand, kickboxing games involve judges giving an overall score for the entire fight. Moreover, low kicks are also not allowed in karate. So, if you’re used to striking low, then kickboxing may be the right option for you. That’s also the reason why karate fighters find it hard to adjust to MMA rules for competition. 


In conclusion, both kickboxing and karate are amazing martial arts. What’s better for you, totally depends upon what kind of fighter you aspire to be. Your choice will surely depend upon your circumstances and goals. Nevertheless, whatever you choose, it’s really important to know that martial arts are a respected profession globally. You must be eager to learn and grow in the long term if you aspire to become a fighter. Therefore, it’s really important that you find it worthwhile to learn and enjoy the journey as you embark on it with confidence.

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