Online Murder Mystery Party: How To Play?

As a general rule, virtual detective games or online murder mystery party games are prepared for between 6 and 16 people, although there are versions for larger groups. Of course, each story usually has a closed number of characters, so last-minute changes should be avoided. Are you ready for the murder mystery virtual event? Get excited!

Online murder mystery party is here!

Each character in your online murder mystery party will have a brief story about who they are and about specific motivations towards other characters in the story.

When the game begins, the organizer will introduce the characters and the story and explain the phases or rules of the game. Each character will also be given a series of objectives to fulfill. The game can last from 2 to 3 hours (sometimes even longer), depending on how the players interact and how the phases of the game unfold. For this reason, it is prevalent for the game to be combined with a meal, which is why we often talk about murder mystery virtual events or, as we call virtual detective games.

How to play virtual detective games

Players must interact to discover the murderer and fulfill their objectives throughout the game. There may be a cross between accusations and suspicions, that clues and testimonies are revealed and discussed or bribed. It is common for alliances or groups to arise that move for common motivations or doubts, but do not let yourself cheat. This is an individual game in which not everything seems, so everyone must look out for their interests.

In the end, each player must explain their conclusions about the case, and together it will be decided which of them the story makes the most sense. The organizer will then reveal the facts, and, depending on the game, the winners will be declared.

How to plan an online murder mystery party for a birthday

An online murder mystery party on a birthday can place you and your guests in the exciting world of the hinting game. Use your creativity to plan a murder mystery birthday party or buy a kit that has already done the job for you. Either way, your guests will enjoy solving a mystery.


  • Decide whether to buy a murder mystery game or if you are going to create your own. Many sites offer kits that contain the information to take out the guesswork and scenery.
  • Locate a mystery by searching various books, television shows, or online sites. Find stories that are interesting and suspenseful. You can use the Hardy Boys or Sherlock Holmes stories or even an episode of CSI to find a murder mystery plot. 
  • Choose stories with as many suspects as those involved in the birthday party.
  • Send invitations to your guests. Include the game details, so you don’t have to spend too much time explaining the game in the match.
  • Select a host/narrator. Clients are grouped to inform them of the crime, answer any questions they may have, and ensure that the evening remains organized.
  • Hire an assassin. Select killer. Ensure they are willing to be reserved so that the guests are surprised when the murderer is revealed. You must be playing along at the party by helping to solve the mystery and accuse others of the crime.
  • Present the crime and details to your guests. Have the crime occur in a different part of the house. You can either recruit a victim to play dead or create an outline using chalk or masking tape.
  • Place clues around the crime scene to help your clients solve the mystery. Leave a playing card near the deceased’s pocket to create the assumption that the victim was playing poker or another card game, for example.
  • Present the clues and solve the crime. Towards the end of the online murder mystery party, they gather in a centralized location and allow the guests to explain who they believe the killer is.

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