The Disposable Cat Litter Box – Convenient or Wasteful?

Before you completely write off the disposable cat litter box as an entire waste, think for a second what a convenience these are often. Basically, these are cat boxes that you simply use then eliminate in their entirety. In other words, the box itself is additionally disposable, as are the litter contents inside.

These are definitely very handy things to possess, but you ought to only use them occasionally as a convenience or during a pinch, like if you are going to be gone on vacation and you do not want to possess to wash the box once you get home. Or perhaps if you’re taking your cat with you within the car. Alternatively, you’ll use a disposable box if one among your cats is ill and wishes to be sequestered from the others and you will got to throw away the box when the cat’s illness is over. Disposable boxes are useful during this regard, because you recognize that illness won’t be retained or passed on to other cats within the household, nor will you’ve got any danger of reinfecting a cat that has gotten over the illness.

However, these boxes aren’t to be used a day. They’re very cost-ineffective, and that they create tons of waste which will doubtless find you during a landfill, in order that they’re very hard on the environment.

A better alternative than employing a disposable litter box on a day to day is to use scoopable litter. If you do not prefer to use scoop able litter but you would like to “throw out the whole cat box” on a day to day, you ought to instead use receptacle liners with regular litter. This makes it very easy to easily eliminate a whole box’s contents by simply gathering the corners of the liner together and tying into a knot, then removing it within the trash. You’ll use a light bleach and water spray or a light dish soap and water spray on the box itself once you remove the liner. Then dry with paper towels, to form sure the box is fresh and clean. Put another liner within the box, refill with litter, and you’re ready for a replacement day. This provides you a fresh clean litter box with little effort and waste.

A good and cheap alternative to the liners themselves is to use sturdy ashcan liners. Many ashcan liners lately are very puncture resistant and may get up to cats’ claws within the box. Even with this puncture resistance, they’re much less costly than specialized litter box liners are, and you’ll therefore buy more of them for less money. One thing to require note of is that you simply shouldn’t buy garbage bags that are either scented or chemically treated with bug-resistant chemicals or other substances, so as to not make your cat ill. Simply buy good-quality puncture resistant garbage bags with no additives in them.

The garbage bags themselves should be large enough to be ready to lay open inside the litter box. Place fresh clean litter inside the liner then snap the highest lid of it (if your box features a top) down over the liner, or during this case garbage bag, to carry it in situ. This is often really easy and cheap thanks to keep a fresh clean receptacle without having to eliminate the whole box.

litter box enclosure is often handy to stay on around within the event you’ve got an ill cat that has got to be separated from other cats and who could also be very contagious. Any litter receptacles he or she uses should be disposed of once the illness is over. They’re also handy for vacations, in order that you’ll simply toss the whole box out once you get home. For many other instances, however, simply either scooping litter or changing a litter box through the liner method described above is far more environmentally friendly and fewer expensive than buying and removing the whole box whenever you would like to vary it.

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