Tips For Essay Writing In English For Kids

Are you searching for simple topics for essay writing in English for your children? Before you begin your search, here are some top-rated tips that your kids should follow diligently. Mostly, children are asked to write essays in English on various topics for various competitions and speeches for school events. For a first-grader, writing English essays for Class 1 gives a wonderful opportunity to express his/her thoughts artistically. It also improves the kid’s linguistic skills and upscales one’s writing prowess. 

Young kids usually write 10 lines of essays at school when asked during school events or assignments. Writing English essays for Class 1 is a brilliant start to help your child explore his/her imaginative skills and express the beautiful thoughts in mind about an interesting topic in a creative manner. Therefore, before drafting an essay it is important for kids to analyse and understand the topic on which they are writing an essay on. 

In this article, we bring you some effective tips for essay writing in English that kids should remember before drafting an essay on a topic of their interest for any event or class work at school. Take a look at the points below and direct your child to follow these steps before writing English essays at school:

  1. Choose an intriguing essay title and images: Kids should present their essay with an interesting heading or title. This will help in grabbing the attention of the readers and arouse their curiosity. Readers would be more inclined to read an essay that has an interesting title and captures their attention. Choosing an effective essay title and relevant designs or images make for an interesting read for the reader and persuades him/her to take a look into the lines written in the essay.
  1. Maintain a proper essay structure: Having a proper essay structure in place is an important aspect that you should teach your kids before they start writing down their thoughts in pen and paper. This will help them to analyse and write the key points of an essay sequentially. A well-structured essay is one which conveys the real purpose of essay writing in English on a topic of interest effectively.
  1. Use simple language: While writing an essay in English, you should teach your kids to use simple and crisp language which conveys their thoughts in the most effective manner. For a first-grader, writing essays for Class 1 entails composing small write-ups or 10 lines by using simple words. Kids should be taught to maintain simplicity while writing essays in English and not complicate it by using difficult words. Use of jargon is likely to break the flow of the sentence and make it unnecessarily complex for the reader to get an understanding of the viewpoints of the writer.
  1. Maintain essay length: Essays should have the right quantity of words used at the right place. Kids should begin essay writing in English and include all the necessary points at the beginning of an essay so that the purpose of writing it remains intact. They should maintain a proper length of word count and it should be between 300-500 words. It has been observed that readers are generally attracted to read short essays that imply the essay’s purpose within a limited word count and space.
  1. Grammar check: It is absolutely essential to recheck the essay once the writer has finished writing an essay. No one is perfect, hence kids are likely to make a few grammatical mistakes or punctuation errors while writing an essay in English. Making unnecessary silly mistakes in grammar is simply not acceptable in any essay writing in English. Hence, you should teach your kids to use correct punctuation and spellings so that they can convey their thoughts and connect to their readers with an essay effectively.

In our final words, we hope that kids have a better understanding of the key points to remember for essay writing in English while participating at school events or social competitions. If you wish to explore essays for Class 1, you can check the Kids Learning section at BYJU’S website. Remember you are just a click away to accessing the best study materials for your kids’ overall development.

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