What Types of Sweatshirts are There?

The classic sweatshirt models are still very fashionable and are undoubtedly the most recognizable: we are talking about the round neck sweatshirt and the hoodie, also known as the hoodie. The available variety of sweatshirts is very wide at Kobe Bryant Merch, so surely, we can all find a model to our taste, style and budget. Between basic sweatshirts and ecofriendly sweatshirts, there are many options:

  • Basic sweatshirts: round neck, thick and made from a cotton / polyester blend. We like them because they have a large surface on which we can print whatever we want, since they do not have pockets, hood or zipper.
  • Hoodies: A hoodie is great when we’re out there at the festival and four drops fall or it’s a little cold! As it has a hood and pocket, we recommend a reduced print on the front and a larger one on the back, so that the hood does not cover the print.
  • Eco-Friendly Sweatshirts – Made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled polyester, sustainable sweatshirts are high-quality and responsibly produced for both the planet and workers.
  • Premium sweatshirts: high-quality sweatshirts stand out for their finishes, their resistance and the softness of their fabric. That is why they are perfect for designers, music groups or work wardrobes.
  • Two-color sweatshirts: A contrasting hood or sleeves of another color, typical of baseball sweatshirts, can make your garments something unique and very striking.
  • Zip-up hoodies: allow for greater comfort since they can be worn as if they were a jacket. In general, they usually come with a full zip, but there are also sweatshirt models with a half zip.
  • French Terry Sweatshirts: Lightweight sweatshirts are made of non-perch fleece, also known as French Terry. This makes them cooler, breathe more and absorb moisture better, which is why they are also widely used in the world of sports.
  • Sports sweatshirts: Its fabric is 100% breathable polyester and they dry much faster than a cotton sweatshirt. That is why sports sweatshirts are the great allies for training on the coldest days of autumn winter.

We can choose between fitted sleeves or raglan sleeves, different percentages of cotton and polyester, recycled and ecological fabrics, high neck type chimney or open neck, with full zip or only half zip. There are even sleeveless sweatshirts!

How to Choose the Best Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirt 101: Different Styles & Types of Sweatshirts | Russell Athletic

In general, we can choose the sweatshirt that best fits our project either because of its price or because of its style.

If we have a tight budget and we are not looking for a high-end range because the sweatshirts are intended for schools, associations, events or promotions, we can choose sweatshirts at a great price. A cheap sweatshirt can work very well in sports camps, tournaments, and schools.

On the other hand, if your intention is to use the sweatshirts for merchandising or resale, we recommend choosing from the medium-high range at King Von Merch. Nobody wants to pay and find a low-quality textile product. Better to bet on eco-friendly or high-end sweatshirts.

As for style, it all depends on what the sweatshirts are intended for. It is not the same to look for a suitable garment for a technological event than for an illustrator.

If you’re making hoodies for a rock band, custom kangaroo pocket or full-zip hoodies are sure to triumph. If they are for a company, classic sweatshirts or heather colors are always a safe bet. And if you are creating a clothing line, opt for sweatshirts with more daring cuts, such as oversize or crop top and in seasonal colors.

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