Why are progressive glasses better than bifocals?

If you just turned 40 and in need for the new pair of glasses, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. First, you need to understand your vision and eye condition, then with its help, you’ll be able to get the right one for you. At the age of 40, it’s common to develop eye conditions that alter your vision and rely on a new set of glasses. With the necessity of glasses, you are bound to go for any eye examination to check the condition of your eyes.

Hence with the help of your ophthalmologist, you’ll be given a new prescription. At the age of 40, most people are likely to develop presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age-related far-sightedness that leads to the problem of seeing things at a near distance. Activities like reading a book, newspaper or a menu at a hotel turn extremely difficult. Objects and text appear blurry and unclear to comprehend as you lose the ability to focus at close distance.

What is presbyopia and how is it corrected?

Presbyopia is similar to hyperopia, it causes far-sightedness in people but it only happens with age. When you are about the age of 40, your eyes lenses lose the ability to be flexible. Our eyes lens is flexible and changes its shape to accommodate your vision. However, with age, your lenses in the eye lose their elasticity and turn extremely harmful, the change of vision stops and you are unable to focus on close-up images. Which results in seeing things at your proximity.

Presbyopia doesn’t demand any designer glasses to improve its vision. For presbyopia, varifocal or bifocal glasses are used to correct the eye condition. However, there’s an ongoing debate about which one is the better way to correct presbyopia. Let us help you clear the confusion and choose the right glasses for you:

Which lens is better: Bifocal vs Varifocal

Bifocal glasses – Bifocal glasses are glasses with two different lenses in it. The upper portion of the lenses corrects far distance objects while the lower portion of the lenses correct nearsightedness. Seems like a pretty good deal, right? No! Many other parts of bifocal glasses are hidden from your eyes. 

Bifocal glasses contain a visible dividing line that divides the far and near correction. Due to the presence of visible diving lines, the glasses on anyone face give away the age. Also, these glasses don’t help to offer a smooth transition from far to near or vice-versa.

With Bifocal glasses, there’s no place in the glasses to do arm length work. It either corrects near or far distance objects and there’s no space for correcting or viewing computer work. Bifocal glasses were used in the earliest times however for the current times, the lens doesn’t offer enough benefit. Bifocal glasses are however easy to get used to and wear with comfort even in the first few weeks of use.

Varifocal glasses: Presbyopia works as the best reading glasses, computer work glasses and many others. Varifocal glasses are also known as progressive glasses that contain three different eye corrections in one lens. 

The upper portion of the lens contains far distance correction, the central region corrects computer or arm length work while the lower portion of the lens corrects near distance. In a single lens, you can perfectly recognise objects at a far distance, objects at a near distance and also do your computer work with ease.

Varifocal glasses do not contain any visible dividing line in its lens. You can comfortably use varifocal glasses without the fear of showing off your age as these glasses look like regular prescription glasses. Due to the presence of no visible line, it offers a seamless transition from far to intermediate and near. There is no blockage while slowly shifting your eyes from one area to another.

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