3 most common types of Domestic Violence cases in New York.

As the name suggests, Domestic Violence is a violent act that happens in the same household. The occurrence of such cases has reached an alarming rate. In New York, If you or your loved ones are going through Domestic Violence, get support as soon as possible and contact a criminal defense lawyer near Canandaigua.

Victims of Domestic Violence can be housemates, wives, husbands, and even children. It is essential to get legal assistance at the earliest point possible since the situation can become challenging to control due to co-living.

Although New York law does not have anything like Domestic Violence, it is a broad term between 2 people who do not necessarily share a romantic relationship but live together.

Domestic Violence is a broad term that involves different types of offences. Let us see a few below:

Aggravated Harassment:

Engaging in violent acts like kicking, striking, shoving, etc., towards another individual comes under Domestic Violence. In addition to Domestic Violence, if the action is accomplished by texting, calling etc., the person inducing this is charged for Aggravated Harassment.

Sexual Abuse:

If sexual contact is established without an individual’s consent, it is known as Sexual Abuse.

Sexual abuse includes touching intimate parts without consent, and it falls under Domestic Violence. If the sexual act is carried out by using physical force, then it comes under first-degree Sexual Abuse. If the sexual act is carried out with a young teen without a physical influence, it falls under second-degree Sexual Abuse.


Stalking is basically following someone with a wrong intention mostly prevalent in young adults. Stalking in a way that the person stalked feels uncomfortable and unsafe. There are 4 types of Stalking.

First, Second, Third, and Fourth Degree Stalking.

In the first degree, Stalking includes physical abuse or injury to the person, and it can entail severe sentences with seven years of imprisonment. Third and fourth-degree Stalking entails one year in jail. And second-degree Stalking can lead to upto four years in prison.


If you are being charged with a Domestic Violence case, then it is a long period of incarceration.

The charges will include a fine if not incarcerated, but the criminal records would stay with you for life. Make sure to get in touch with an experienced lawyer who will understand your case and represent it in the most helpful way possible.

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