4 Essential Tips to Follow When Shopping for the Best Beach Towel

Aside from sunscreen, sunglasses, and other essential stuff to complete a beach out, one should never miss bringing a beach towel. Bringing the best beach towels is always a necessity whenever someone goes for a beach outing.

Well, any towel will do, but beach towels have something in them that makes them ideal for hanging out under the sun. Unfortunately, regular towels, especially those regularly used, can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, while their absorbency is not as great anymore.

Those who want to buy the best beach towels either online or at a physical shop will get different options that are too many and can be too overwhelming. Besides the size, colour and fabric, there are many considerations to weigh in.

To help everyone decide on buying the right beach towel, here are some useful tips to make their beach towel buying journey a lot easier.

Choose Natural fibres

The go-to fabric or fibre is always cotton. It is the ideal option for its versatile function. But there is more to it. Natural fibres are used to make different types of towels, including beach towels. The different types of natural fibres used are distinguished according to their woven pattern.

Cotton fibres, in general, undergo the ring-spinning process to make towels. Before that, the cotton is combed to remove any weak fibre and dirt. It is one of the many processes where natural fibres are processed and manufactured to make beach towels.

Try Synthetic fibres

Those who want more convenience can choose microfibre towels that are thinner than traditional towels. In addition, they are made from synthetic materials such as polyester blends that are highly absorbent.

However, they are not as comforting as cotton beach towels because of their static and clingy effect. This type of towel is mostly used for industrial purposes and in the kitchen.

However, many towel brands these days develop towels made from synthetic fibre for people to use for their bodies. Thus, sports towels are used after physical activities that are as effective as regular cotton towels.

Determine How the Towel Was Woven

The woven pattern of the towel is very important. For example, suppose the towel was weaved in a zig-zag direction, while the other half of the twill weave heads to another direction while the other side is completely reversed. Then its twill is broken, which makes the fabric stronger.

Other threads are honeycomb that follows squared and raised squares in a series formation to develop a grid-like pattern. Having a well-woven towel is very comfortable. The best beach towels are always well-woven and follow similar or exact woven patterns mentioned above.

Determine the Thread Count

The thread count determines the entire weight of the towel. It also indicates the durability and the quality of the towel by measuring its gram per square meter or GSM. Its density and weight determine how adequate its absorbency is.

Beach towels with 600 GSM or above are ideal for absorbency and thickness, while towels with thread count lower than that are nice for quick drying.

So, what to look for when buying a beach towel? All of the needed tips are listed above, proving that buying this beach essential is not that hard.

Generally, people should always keep comfort, softness, and absorbency when buying a beach towel. Following the tips above will guide them to the best beach towel in the market, either online or at a shop.

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