5 Organic Skin Products That You Can Use For Your Baby

If you are a first-time parent, caring for and raising your baby may seem like a daunting task. You may find yourself walking up and down the baby’s care aisle, wondering what to choose because there are so many options available nowadays.

Choosing the right products for your baby’s delicate skin is important because a baby’s skin is different from an adult’s skin. Most experts would suggest using the natural option, and whenever available, to choose organic skin care products.

What to know about your baby’s skin

Your baby’s fresh, new skin is thinner, more delicate, and more porous than an adult’s skin. “New” skin in babies means that it is still undeveloped and hence more prone to infection from bacteria and other pathogens. A baby’s skin is also very sensitive and more responsive to adverse reactions to the harsh chemicals of some skincare products.

Because a baby’s skin is thinner, it loses moisture faster and is more prone to dryness and irritation. Dry and irritated skin will be uncomfortable for your baby, so it is important to keep the skin hydrated with products that have gentle and nourishing ingredients, keeping your baby’s skin from developing sore, cracked skin.

Natural ingredients for your baby’s skin

The immune system of a baby is still underdeveloped. As such, synthetic, chemical ingredients from some skincare products have the potential to penetrate your young one’s body through the skin. In addition, these harmful ingredients may sometimes be endocrine disruptors and interfere with the body’s natural hormones, causing developmental, immune, and other problems.

Ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, sulphates, alcohols, fragrances, and dimethicone can build up in the skin of your babies and cause irritation, allergic reactions, and other problems. As such, it is best to avoid products that have them.

In addition, because a baby’s skin can act as a transporter of harmful pathogens and chemicals into their bodies, only natural and organic skincare products must be used to protect your young one’s overall health. These are the ingredients that are good for them:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is generally safe for your baby’s skin and effectively soothes irritation and itching from mosquito bites. Because of its cooling and healing properties, aloe vera can also be used to treat your young one’s minor burns and bruises. In addition, the plant’s gel is known to help with various skin, oral and digestive tract, and other medical conditions.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin E and potassium, lecithin, and other nutrients that can help nourish and moisturise the skin. It also contains oleic acid that helps promote collagen production and aids in the growth of new skin, which accelerates the wound healing process.


Beeswax contains antibacterial agents used to treat different skin problems like burns and wounds and is known to help soothe irritated skin. In addition, because beeswax is a natural ingredient, its addition to skincare products will not cause skin irritation.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat that comes from the nuts of the shea tree and has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for centuries. Shea butter contains vitamins and fatty acids that help minimise skin irritation, help boost collagen production, promote cell regeneration, and help soothe skin conditions.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a natural, non-allergenic that acts as an emollient suitable for your baby’s delicate skin. It effectively treats skin rashes and can soothe the dry, irritated or sensitive skin of your babies. You can also use it for baby massage to help prevent cradle caps. In addition, jojoba oil does not stain, clog skin pores, and does not turn rancid.

Your baby’s skin is sensitive and delicate and highly responsive to the effects of the ingredients in the skincare products you use on them. Chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, and other abrasive substances in baby skincare products can potentially harm not only their skin but their overall health. Choosing the right products for use on your baby’s skin can protect them from skin problems and keep your baby happy and healthy.

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