5 Ways to Detect a Bad Car Insurance – and how to solve it

16% of all consumers are filing complaints about their insurance, because the insurance providers fail to meet the wants of the insured. This does not mean that insurance takers are picky; it means that insurance companies fail to predict humans’ needs in case of an event.

As car insurance companies are not likely to change their existing way of operating business, unless their competitors take the lead, it is time to take matters into your own hands. Let’s start by understanding how you can anticipate to the most common car insurance package ‘mistakes’, in favor of your own needs.

1 – Paying too much

It is common for insurance companies to charge you a higher rate for things you won’t ever use. When you assume that you are overpaying, go over your insurance package and its policies. Address your findings to your insurance company to see if they can (1) alter your existing package or (2) suggest one of their more suitable packages.

In case your insurance company does not cooperate, there are plenty of car insurance comparison databases that suggest you the most suitable package for your car and lifestyle. Such as, More information regarding this database can be found at the end of this article.

2 – Paying too little

Paying too little is also inconvenient, because chances are that the package you have does not cover your (car’s) expenses. When you upgrade one of your car’s features, and do not inform your insurance provider, you risk chances of not being eligible for a compensation in case of an accident.

3- (Not) included car details

Some insured lie under false pretenses to get a lower insurance rate. This method disadvantages you, because chances are high that in case of car and/or health damage, you are not insured against your necessities. That is why you should always go over your car’s flaws, features and modifications, and your personal health, (driving) behavior and situation before buying an insurance.

4 – Wrong estimated yearly milage

Under- and overestimating your yearly milage influences your monthly insurance payments as well as your compensations. Tracking your milage ensures you don’t overpay your monthly insurance payments and prevents you for becoming ineligible for car damage.

5 – Passengers’ insurance

If you are traveling with kids and/or pets, make sure that you are insured against any inconveniences that can happen to them, or due to their presence. In case you are not, the potential costs will heavily outweigh the monthly payment rates you would have paid otherwise.

Car insurance comparison

The overflow of car insurance providers makes the abovementioned aspects lot to carry out by yourself. is a car insurance database that matches cars to the most suitable insurance packages in the country. In addition to the profound algorithm, the platform also provides the opportunity to buy a autoverzekering free of registrations fees! And including a free accident covering package.

So, to find the best car insurance package for your car’s need, and your own, make sure to use an autoverzekering comparison tool!

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