5 Ways To Stay Healthy as a Gamer

Since gaming can keep you in front of a screen for hours on end, there are times you might forget to stay hydrated or eat a proper meal. Nevertheless, you can certainly live healthily even when you spend a good amount of time sitting in front of a screen playing video games. If you’re unsure how to manage this, the below tips will help.

1. Take frequent breaks.

We all know how addictive a Nintendo entertainment system can be, but it’s important to take intermittent breaks. Moreover, video games without breaks could affect your posture. When the games get more challenging, some people tend to lean or bend over, which can cause backaches. Try taking breaks every 15 to 20 minutes so your eyes can rest from the screen glare and you can straighten out your muscles. Also, try using an ergonomic game controller with your game console. A good remote control is especially handy if you play for more than one hour a day.

2. Go outside for some fresh air during intervals.

People usually take fresh air for granted when they’re indoors. However, sometimes, the air coming into the window doesn’t supply enough oxygen for your body. Try stepping outside at least twice a day but if you’re feeling too lazy, try sitting close to an open window.

Placing a plant by your window could also add a little color to the room and make it smell a bit better which stimulates your senses for optimal productivity. For some extra help, you could visit websites like Natural Healthy Concepts ( for a good range of supplements and veg capsules made from a whole food formula. You can also use the Natural Healthy Concepts coupon code to try out their products first.

3. Eat healthy snacks.

Sitting in one position for long hours on your Xbox series can make you more hungry than usual. When your mind is occupied with getting to the next level, you might not want to tear yourself away to make a healthy lunch or dinner. So, instead of stocking your fridge and cabinets with chips and candy bars, stock up on healthy snacks and crunchy vegetables and fruits. That way, when you’re hungry, you can chew on those instead.

4. Exercise as often as you can.

You may have a hard time getting yourself to exercise before, between, or after your games but it’s necessary if you want to stay healthy. If you move a lot, you significantly improve your health since sports can strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and prevents cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. You don’t have to become a competitive athlete. Even a short walk every day is enough to significantly increase life expectancy. If you can find the time, try to go to the gym at least twice a week, however, some simple home workouts are just as good. Simply get a treadmill and a set of dumbbells and you can create a good working out routine at home. If you prefer more intense workouts, endurance training such as swimming or cycling is also ideal for beginners as it protects the joints and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

5. Eat homemade food.

Small snacks that are eaten often are great for getting rid of hunger temporarily but having a wholesome meal at least twice a day will help keep you healthy. No matter how nutritious your snacks are, they aren’t enough to keep your body going on its own. If you know you aren’t disciplined enough to take a break from your games to cook a meal, perhaps, try prepping your lunch and dinner in the morning before you proceed with your gaming job. That way, all you need to do is pop your meal into a microwave when you’re ready to eat. With the above tips, you can easily be a full-time gamer and stay healthy.

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