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7 Different Types Of Fireplace Mantels

The fireplace cupola is an ornamental framework that is around both sides of the fireplace. They frequently act as the centerpiece of the space and have become an integral component of interior design. These ornamental frames were originally shown in the Colonial era in the American houses.

A basic wooden trim with a coarse aperture in masonry was the first American fireplace table. The vogue in the 18th century was wooden panels that stretched over the whole wall of the fireplace. During the Georgian period, expensive coats were typically accompanied by big columns or pilasters and carefully sculpted racks. Fireplaces with a second pair of pillars or pilasters were also fashionable.

Federal-style electric fireplace mantels, on the other hand, were basic yet elegant. They were decorated with girls, urns, and classical elements. They were quite fragile. The Victorian epoch has been broken by Federal reticence and simplicity. Fireplace coats of Victorian style had creative designs and were covered with display racks and mirrors. The pilasters, columns, tables, and conventional moldings were also present, but they were combined liberally with Gothic forms, spindle works, and exotic Asian images.


The coat surroundings are considerably more dominating and make your fireplace the focus of attention, perfect in a really big room with lots of area for not just the cake but also for the eye to go about freely. Due to the fact that they frame the chimney fully and not just top it the way the covers are made, you can realize how amazing your coat is. As long as your room is large enough to accommodate this larger area on either side of the corner electric fireplace, it may be an excellent addition to your home.

The surroundings of the cloak will look up the height of the chimney and make it a lot more dominating focus in the room. This is particularly so if you choose a roof garment with high pillars, which naturally leads the eye to travel up the surrounding height. The material and color of your surroundings are crucial to consider as this plays a major influence on the look and feel of the fireplace and in how it is controlled or fused. Unfortunately, cabinets are usually considerably more costly than a basic cloakroom shelf because of the additional materials and time needed to build them, but with the cash, this is a fantastic way to display your fireplace and guarantee that your home’s outstanding.


If your fireplace doesn’t have plenty of areas, choose a fireplace coat of arms shelf instead of a coat of arms with a complete surface. While you have fires in your room with plenty of space on both sides, you’ll want to choose a cabinet shelf if your fireplace is near the buildings such as a window, door, or wall. This is not only the best alternative if you worry about your fireplace’s room, but it is perfect in smaller rooms as the shelf of a coat will give you an illusion that your room has a lot greater room. This lets the eye float side by side rather than the mantel surrounds visibly.

You’ll enjoy the mantel shelf to go in with the rest of your home decor if you have a minimalist style. Also, these coat racks are considerably cheaper than coat racks. If you’re looking for a budget, but have not much money to buy a complete mantel surrounding your fireplace, then it might be the right thing for you to have a shelf.


Modern coats of fireplaces will be quite clean, untouched, and typically come with basic colors. Instead of some other coats which are extensively adorned or carved, you won’t have to worry about competing with the objects you’ve been shown if you choose a modern fireplace coat. A modern or contemporary coat will be a wonderful place in your space, but it will not be as attractive as other designs.


A fireplace coat that appears like it is on the beach is as useful as other coat types, but it has certain variations that make it distinct. You must examine the sort of material that you are going to utilize if you want to acquire a fireplace coat for your beach house. In general, fireplace covers in beach design will be constructed of wood and will be created with a stain to lighten them.

The color and appearance of driftwood may be imitated gray from the stain that matches the way the water looks during a tempest. While you may utilize this mantel design in any home, it will usually seem out of place in a home that is not on the beach unless the rest of your house is also furnished in beach style.


Typical fireplace coats and modern coats don’t appear particularly different. Both of them will have straight and basic lines that will not affect the attractiveness of the cloak itself. One of the several ways traditional mantels are to be a little bit more adorned than modern ones. Traditional covers with some gravure or other patterns are very simple to obtain, which will contribute to a cabinet’s visual attractiveness, however, you must take care and take time to dust it so that it does not seem dusty and empty.


You might prefer a fireplace coat that’s a bit more rustic, depending on your property and you’re aesthetic. These cupboards will be just as appealing as other types and integrate into a farmhouse quite well. Seems like a fireplace robe made of wood or a rough edge if you wish to look this way. Like other types, you must take care of your rustic fireplace garment so that it is protected from the warmth of the fireplace and anything on it. Even though it is rustic, you still have to take care of it.


Homes with an industrial design or theme can considerably benefit from the installation in a room with an industrial fireplace tablecloth. They will be a bit sophisticated and less flashy than some other types, but they are not less appealing. If you are interested in this fireplace coat design, you’re going to want to make sure you think about the dark, metal, or dark wood style. While lighter timbers and materials seem to contrast well in your house, make sure you pick for something feeling and seeming a little bit more industrial and carry the design and themes around the space.

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