A Suit – A Blazer or A Coat: What is the Difference?

A simple pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt can get a complete makeover by adding a good jacket, coat or blazer to it. Most people often get confused between men’s blazers, men’s coats, and men’s jackets. Some commoners would say they are all the same, but a fashion designer or stylist will disagree. Men’s jackets, blazers, and coats are three different variants of similar garments but have some specifications that make them diverse. Don’t despair because you are not the only one who doesn’t know about these details. Some salespeople trying to sell their garments are unaware of the differences themselves.

So, if you want to understand more about men’s clothing, precisely the difference between a jacket, a coat and a blazer, stay right where you are because you are up for some potent information.

What is a suit jacket?

When you say the word suit, it indicates a complete form of garment that is made along with a matching pair of trousers, a waistcoat and a suit jacket. There is absolutely no difference in the fabric, the pattern and the print of the trousers and the suit jacket. If you want to buy a suit jacket, you should team it up with matching trousers. Do not interchange it with a blazer or a coat if you don’t want to look informal or mismatched.

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A suit jacket falls under the category of men’s formals. You might come across check patterns and prints in jackets. However, the best way to keep it classic and stylish is to go for a plain and solid colour for a suit jacket. It looks best when it is tailored to enhance your personality, body curves and cuts.

What is a blazer?

The next most preferred category is called a blazer. It is neither too formal and nor is it informal. It falls in the mid-range of a suit jacket and a coat. Most adults these days prefer a blazer over a suit jacket because you can pair it up with a pair of trousers, jeans or semi-formal pants. You can mix and match to create a casual or a formal look. With men’s blazers, you get the freedom to have fun and innovate your fashion statement. Hopsack and serge are the two most commonly used fabrics to make a blazer.

Blazers are meant for all types of events. You can wear them at a formal occasion, a birthday party or even a wedding. Pick your style and your comfort, and you are ready to roll,

What is a sports jacket or a coat?

Initially, a sports jacket was created to provide a sportsman with the flexibility to have proper movement while playing a sport. However, with time, it has evolved and made available for users as fashion clothing. A sports jacket has fewer buttons, a loose-fitting and a rugged appearance. Most fabrics used for making sports coats or jackets come in grey, brown, blue and olive shades. You would find an added patch around the elbow area to give more room for movement in a sports jacket.

Hopefully, you have found and learnt the difference between the three men’s clothes. So, if you are looking for blazers, jackets, or coats online, make sure you look for trusted brands with a significant position in the fashion and garment industry. Such brands will be able to give you valuable solutions that meet your interest.

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