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Accelerated learning has developed from Georgi Lazanov’s ‘Suggestopedia’, a technique for introducing positive suggestions and eliminating the negative in the learning process. Dynamic descriptions and key points of the materials to be learned were fixed into the subconscious using music during ‘concert’ sessions and later activated to provide the basis for in-depth learning. Lazanov discovered that the brain has an almost infinite potential for learning if the subconscious mind receives information in the right way.

Potential of the brain

Accelerated learning is an effective method in certain contexts for increasing the absorption of knowledge – a key to the success of education. Learning can be accelerated if an appropriate preferred learning style is used. The creation of long-term memory through processing using multiple intelligences and subsequent activation of that memory in effective ways, is the way to unlocking the immense potential of the brain.

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Understanding the message

The manager’s tools for accelerated learning are explored in the MESSAGE model or template (McKee, 1998) which is one example of the application of accelerated learning which provides evidence of the neurological basis for accelerated learning.

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The achievement of success and learning comes from a mindset, specifically ‘relaxed awareness’, which can be developed and enhanced. It concentrates on the pacing of learning, for example including a two-minute break every 45 minutes. This mindset is about ensuring a clear focus, putting aside all distractions, planning the outcomes very clearly, creating a learning environment by relaxing the body yet encouraging the mind to be aware, and when working

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the more different ways of ‘teaching’ that are provided, a multisensory input of fresh information, the more individual or team learning will be enhanced. This means using emotional enrichment establishing the benefits to all concerned, accessing the unconscious, and ensuring sensory enrichment in the learning or training context – visual portrayal, sonic portrayal, physical representation with peripheral visual, auditory and physical cues.

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