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Best Walk In Shower Tub Combo You Want to know About

For most people who wish to age in place, safe bathing is usually at the top of the list. Because they provide seniors with dignity and peace of mind, walk-in showers and tubs have become more and more popular in recent years. They reduce the worry of having trouble entering and exiting a shower stall or a regular bathtub.

A walk in shower tub is a bathtub with a waterproof door that enables the bather to enter the tub through a small passage to promote safety. When the door is closed, the bathtub loads with water, and the bath drains, the person opens the door and exits safely.  So that you don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to relax, it makes for a safe and simple way to enter and exit the bath. 

A Walk-In Tub Uses How Much Water?

If I’m talking about a walk in shower tub combo, the size is the main attribute that sets distinct bathtub  models apart from one another. Although a big size  walk in tub can offer a more luxurious bathing experience, there are drawbacks. Your tub will take longer to fill and drain the more water it can hold. 

Garden tubs may carry around twice as much water as a normal bathtub, at nearly 37 gallons.  25 to 40 liters of water are needed for a typical shower. When they are filled, walk-in tubs typically require about 50 liters of water.Instead of requiring the bath to be refilled with cold water to maintain temperature, many walk-in bathtubs have central heating that circulates water.

What Is The Difference Between A Walk-In Tub And A Walk-In Shower?

A walk in shower has no doors, eliminating any potential interaction with other fittings. It makes use of the available area and offers an excellent showering experience.

The function of a walk in tub is the same as that of a regular bathtub, but it has a little door that opens into the tub on one side. Both walk-in showers and walk-in tubs are made to make bathing more practical and comfortable. They all have unique differences, even though they are all designed for persons with mobility issues.

How Much Would It Cost To Install A Walk-In Tub?

You get more than just the bathtub when you buy a walk-in bathtub. Costs for any additional accessories, labor, and installation must all be taken into account.

The average price to install a walk-in bathtub ranges from $2,500 to $8,000, depending on how difficult the task is. You’ll pay extra labor costs if you have to modify your bathroom to suit a larger-than-standard tub, install an electrical motor, or reroute the plumbing. Below are some elements that can affect installation costs:

  • Your tub’s size
  • Electrical and Plumbing Upgrades
  • Size of the water heater
  • Taking Out the Old Tub

Final Words

Walk in shower tub combos save the space in your bathroom while providing the security and comfort of walk-in baths and the ease of showers. They give your family more flexibility, especially in homes with senior citizens or persons with various needs.

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