Can you do without a phone?

The fact that mobile phones only appeared at the end of the 1990s is hard to imagine today. In fact, it was only a very short time ago, but mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. The development of mobile phones has also been extremely fast. Within a few years, we went from having large mobile phones with small antennas on them to the smartphones that we know today. Nowadays, almost everyone has a telephone subscription. Earlier, there were also many people who, instead of taking out a subscription, opted for prepaid credit. This is still there, but is used less and less. In this article I will explain more about phone subscriptions and the differences between them.

Which phone plan suits me?

There are different phone providers in the Netherlands and there are also different subscriptions you can take out. There are many websites online where you can mobiel abonnement vergelijken. Because there is such a wide range, it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable provider and subscription. These websites can help you in your search for the perfect match.

As I already mentioned, there are different subscriptions you can take out. With many subscriptions, you buy a phone and pay a fixed monthly amount for a pre-agreed period of time. In other words, you pay the phone back over the years, as it were. You can choose between different subscriptions. The costs depend on the device you buy and on the number of minutes, SMS and internet bundle you want to purchase every month. This means the costs can vary quite a bit.

Or what about sim only?

Besides the subscription I described above, you can also choose a sim only abonnement. With this subscription you do not buy a phone, you already have the phone or you buy it separately and the subscription too. These two are not connected to each other like the first subscription I mentioned above. This subscription is often cheaper because you don’t have to pay the cost of the mobile phone. You only pay the costs for your call minutes, your SMS and your internet bundle. Often there are a number of standard options to choose from. That way there is always a bundle that suits you and your calling behaviour. I will give you an example below:

Suppose you are someone who calls a lot, it is important for you to have a lot of minutes. When you are someone who is more into texting you can choose a bundle with a lot of SMS or when you don’t text a lot you can choose a bundle with less SMS. This also applies to your internet bundle. That’s why sim only contracts can be suitable.

There are also subscriptions available where you can choose for unlimited usage. For example, unlimited calling or texting. There is so much choice that there is always a suitable subscription for you and on top of that many subscriptions allow you to make adjustments. This way you can increase or decrease certain things and in some cases this can even be adjusted on a monthly basis.

I wish you the best of luck in finding your ideal telephone subscription!

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