Common Injuries in Personal Injury Cases 

Cases involving personal injuries are hard to recover from. The situation becomes more challenging when a person gets hurt or injured because of someone else’s negligence. 

If you have sustained personal injuries, contact a Glastonbury personal injury lawyer to get a proper assessment of your case.

Common injuries victims sustain:

  • Fractures 

One of the common injuries suffered by personal injury victims is broken bones. Cases like car accidents, slip and fall accidents, truck accidents generally involve broken bone injuries or fractures. Leg, hand, neck, shoulder, pelvic bones are some of the most suffered fractures. 

  • Cuts and burns

Another common type of injury involved in personal injury cases is cuts and burns. Now, both of these injuries can be severe or minor. The intensity of the injury depends on the accident faced by the victim. Cuts can occur by rubbing off the victim’s body part with the vehicle’s surface involved in the accident or on the road. Additionally, burns usually occur in motor vehicle accidents or a fire due to combustion.  

  • Head injuries

Head injuries are one of the most dangerous forms of injury caused due to accidents. Usually, this type of injury is proven to be fatal. But there are many cases wherein the victim gets away with severe damages. Head injuries typically happen when the brain or the head suffers a significant blow or gets hit by a solid or pointed surface. 

  • Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are excruciating. They can affect the waist or neck area of the victim’s body to a significant extent. When the muscles or bones in the spine area get affected by accident, the victim sustains spinal injuries. The victim often loses the ability to sit correctly or suffers from lifelong back pain. 

  • Ligament tear injuries

A ligament is a thread-like tissue that connects the muscles with the bones. It provides support to the muscles. If experienced at an old age, Ligament tears can take a long time to repair. The victim does not even fully recover from ligament tear injuries in many cases. 

  • Permanent loss of a body part

Certain accidents result in the complete loss of a body part, for example, losing a leg or a hand. Such scenarios are not just physically crippling but also mentally. The solution to this problem is amputation. But it is a costly treatment. 

Going through an accident is a major traumatic incident a person can experience. On top of that, the injuries make it more distressing. Financial problems also start arising due to the rising pile of medical debts. In case you or someone you know is facing difficulties in filing a personal injury claim in Glastonbury, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. 

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