Cosmetic Injectable Fillers: Before And After

Flawless skin has been a dream for ladies out there. Irrespective of age and gender, youthfulness is what everyone wants to hold. Looking appealing isn’t just an attractive feature but also makes you feel the best. However, premature ageing and typical ageing signs may start afflicting your skin, especially the face. Luckily, with technological advancements, cosmetic injectables have been an impeccable way to rejuvenate the lost skin radiance. Injectables are minimally invasive and offer a quick procedure with lasting results. Whether you want to get rid of facial wrinkles or sagging eye bags, cosmetic injectables are relatively the go-to choice over typical and exhausting cosmetic procedures.

Preparing for the session

Over 30% of Aussie women get concerned about their body image frequently. Luckily, cosmetic injectables have worked as an impeccable way to wipe off insecurities.

Like every other cosmetic procedure, you will have to brace yourselves and follow some quick guidelines as you get ready for the procedure. For instance, wearing too much or even minimal makeup to the session is not always advisable. Though the best thing to do is talk or have a consultation with the technician or a doctor before your appointment, here are some quick tips to follow:

1. Avoid alcohol

Since cosmetic fillers and injectables involve the usage of syringes and puncture needles, you have to ensure your blood does not get thinned at any cost. Blood-thinning can be a pretty complicated problem as there are high chances for blood loss to occur during the puncture.

Apart from blood loss, your post-session downtime can extend. It’s because blood thinning can make the filling technique arduous. It, in turn, can reflect on prolonging your downtime, causing severe bruising and swelling. As a precaution, it is always better to avoid alcohol consumption for at least 24-48 hours before the procedure day.

2. Cut down on anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory drugs are another major blood-thinning agent. So, make sure you avoid taking such medicines at least two weeks before consulting with your physician. Some typical anti-inflammatory drugs include Asprin (and related combinations), ibuprofen, etc.

3. Reschedule hair removal sessions

If you are booking an all-body injectable session, ensure that you do not use wax or shave your skin for at least a week before the treatment day. If you have booked a hair removal session at the salon, quickly reschedule it. Prior to the injectable session, any day before a week is best to reschedule your waxing appointment. Alternatively, if you are waxing at home, remember that the waxing creams that settle on your skin post-waxing can interfere with the injectables.

The After Care

Once you get your filling down, there are some cautions to make to ensure you can retrieve back to normal and naturally glowing skin. Though there is no definite downtime post injectable or filling session (which is an added benefit), remember to follow these quick tips,

1. Use an ice pack

Your skin might feel slightly sore or discomforting post the filling session. In such cases, always ensure you have an ice pack and rub it gently against the surface to reduce bruising instantly. Alternatively, you can also use applications that your technician has prescribed without fail for a few days.

2. Do not touch the site of injection

The skin becomes pretty sensitive after a filling session. So, it is advisable to avoid scratching or massaging in and around the injection site. However, this is only for ten hours post the session. After that, you can always gently massage the injected area if you find visible bumps or swollen skin.

3. Consider taking painkillers

If you have to be back to work or attend an event super quick after a filling session yet suffer from pain or bruises, you can also consult the technician about having painkillers.

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