DASSM – All You Need To Know

What Is DASSM?

DASSM stands for Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum master, it’s a course for experienced practitioners of Agile that makes them dive deeper into Agile and also how to effectively use the DA (Disciplined Agile) toolkit as a Scrum Master in their professional career. It’s a 14 PDU course that will allow you to appear for the DASSM exam and get started with the DA toolkit to hone your leadership skills immediately.

You will learn about the ins and out of the DA tool kit and the hundreds of strategies and practices, it contains, along with its tradeoffs. You will also learn how to use the DA toolkit and choose the most effective way of working out the problem or boosting productivity.

It will also teach you how to solve complex challenges in both software and operational business teams spanning multiple industries. Not to mention you will also be trained to provide maximum value for the customer and to make decisions that lead to that, all while implementing enterprise activities like planning to coordinate and reporting.

Who Should Get The DASSM Certification?

Unlike most Scrum certifications DASSM is a senior level certification and it’sa must for you to have prior knowledge in DA toolkit as well as Scrum teams.

  • It’s a must to have at least two years of working experience in leadership roles like DASM, Scrum Master, or Product Owner in an Agile team.
  • Interested individuals must also understand the basics of the DA tool kit with completion of at least one of the following: The Basics of Disciplined Agile online course, read section 1 or more of Choose Your WoW (way of work),or Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) course.

If you fulfill the above requirements and are looking for a future in Scrum you should consider taking the DASSM certification course and give a heads up to your career as an Agile practitioner or Scrum Master.

How to Get the DASSM Certification?

DASSM certification, just like most Agile and Scrum-based certifications is fairly straightforward to get if you meet the requirements and are eligible for the course. The certification is provided by PMI (project management institute) although the course training and coaching is provided by multiple online establishments including some big names in the industry.

After you sign up for your instructor-led training you need to complete the 16 hours of live training provided by your institute/organization, which will make you eligible for taking the DASSM certification exam.

After completion of the course, you can give the DASSM certification exam. You should receive a DASSM exam invite and the exam fees should have been included with your course fees.

You will get 30 days after the completion of your course to take the certification exam, if you fail to secure passing marks in the first attempt you can take two more subsequential retakes within 30 days, although now retakes will cost additional fees.

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Your certification would be valid for one year post with you need to take a retake exam along, the thing is due to the rapid developments and upgrades in Agile works and Scrum.

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