Determine the location and dimensions of the capture volume


The size of the capture volume is a key consideration, since it affects the resolution of the system and, therefore, the precision with which position data can be recorded. The chosen capture volume is a compromise between the need to accommodate the movement being studied and maximising the resolution of the system by using the smallest volume possible. The volume must be sufficiently large to accommodate the movement in question fully for all expected sizes of participant. It is important to remember that this may need to include, for example, the hand of an outstretched arm in throwing sports, not just the torso.

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However, the volume only needs to cover the portion of the movement that is being studied. For example, a complete running stride, from foot strike of one foot to the next foot strike of the same foot may be two metres long. However, if the research question relates only to the stance phase of running, the length of the capture volume in the direction of running could be reduced from around 2.5 m, which would be needed to ensure that a complete stride occurs within the volume, to around 1 m.

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Although it may appear simplest to use a large capture volume to ensure that no movement data are lost, this will adversely affect the resolution of the system, resulting in a loss of precision in your data. The field of view of each camera is composed of a fixed number of pixels, typically 640 rows by 480 columns, although high resolution camera systems have resolutions up to 2352 rows by 1728 columns of pixels. Regardless of the specific resolution, the field of view of the camera is represented by a fixed number of pixels. A pixel is the minimum precision to which a marker in the camera view can be located.

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