Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Build – Getting Start Guide

As a demon hunter, it will be important throughout the leveling process to not only be able to quickly kill your enemies but to stay alive as well. To do that, you’ll need some tips and strategies to stay out of harm’s way, which begins with choosing the best Demon Hunter leveling build.

Demon hunters don’t have the thickest armor and as such I will be basing this build around abilities which add to your survivability, kiting skills, and massive AOE damage.asianbookie bandar bola This build will focus on the skills to use early on in Diablo 3, but the concepts and thought process for choosing which skills to use will help you in making smart build choices throughout your demon hunter leveling.

This new character class is unique in that it is the only class to have a dual resource system. They use Hatred for many of their damage-dealing abilities and Discipline for many of their defensive abilities. In accordance with this unique yin-yang resource system, they have three categories of skills: Hatred Generators, Hatred Spenders and Discipline Spenders.

While both Hatred and Discipline will regenerate on their own over time, only Hatred can be generated through the use of specific abilities. To acquire more Discipline, you’ll have to be patient. I guess that’s why they call it Discipline, huh?

By level 10, aim to be using the skills listed below:

The first active demon hunter skill you will be grabbing is called Evasive Fire, which is a Hatred Generator.

Evasive Fire offers both solid offensive damage as well as a handy defensive ability. When used, it generates 4 Hatred and does 125% weapon damage to your target. If your foe happens to be very close to you, you’ll get the added benefit of a back flip to put some distance between you and your enemy. This back flip will cost you 4 Discipline.

The 2nd active demon hunter skill to use is called Bola Shot, also a Hatred Generator.

Bola Shot generates 3 Hatred and fires an exploding projecting at your enemy. The cool part is that after a second, the bola will explode and cause 130% fire damage to the target as well as 110% fire damage to all other enemies within 7 yards.

The 3rd active demon hunter skill is called Rapid Fire, a Hatred Spender.

Rapid Fire is your first Hatred Spender, costing 20 Hatred to cast and 10 more to continue channeling as you fire at your targets. This skill does 228% physical damage to your targets and is really great for laying out a massive amount of firepower to groups of enemies.

Your first demon hunter passive skill is called Tactical Advantage.This will grant you an additional 20% movement speed whenever you use your Evasive Fire ability. The speed buff will last for 2 seconds and should give you even more of an advantage when trying to keep your foes at a safe distance as you annihilate them.

By this point, you’re probably getting quite good at using your new demon hunter to seek and destroy the demonic forces in the Diablo 3 world. Always remember that while leveling quickly is great, the final demon hunter leveling build that you ultimately use should be the one that allows you to most fully enjoy your gaming experience!

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