Easy Tricks to Double your eCommerce Conversion Rate in 2022

Whether you are an eCommerce startup or an established online seller, the higher the conversion rates, the more successful you are. A perfect world in the eCommerce domain would be your customers visiting your site, finding products they like, building their cart, and following through with their purchases. But according to Picreel, the average eCommerce conversion rate is only 2.86%. This means that only 2 or 3 out of 100 online shoppers that visit an eCommerce site actually complete the purchasing process.

Even if you allocate a huge budget in customer acquisition to drive traffic to your website, there are many missed opportunities if shoppers leave without making a purchase. What can you possibly do to convince shoppers to buy from your store amongst an ocean full of options? In this blog, we will talk about certain cost-effective strategies that can retain customers and boost conversions on your online store.

Conversion Rate and its Importance

The conversion rate for online shopping stores indicates the percentage of visitors who complete the desired purchase after landing on the website and checkout via an eCommerce payment gateway like Zaakpay. This metric is an important measure of the success of your online business.

Conversion rate has a critical role in your online business performance. Marketers that adopt the best conversion rate optimization practices can see a considerable increase in conversions. Here are a few benefits of boosting conversion rates:

  • Increases business revenue
  • Enhances user experience
  • Improves future marketing campaigns by establishing a trusted customer base
  • Improves search engine rankings through search engine optimization techniques

Tips and Tricks to Boost your Conversion Rate in 2022

  • Provide accurate product previews: While online shopping, customers do not get to see and experience the product in person until the transaction is complete. Hence, it is imperative to make maximum information available to the consumers to increase their confidence in the product and ensure that they have a positive buying experience. You can achieve this by including several high-quality images and videos of the product. The visuals must be taken from every angle and must contain customer reviews for the same. Make it a point to show product details and try to emulate the experience the buyer would have if he was physically holding the item. Use videos and tutorials to demonstrate the working of the product to help customers make a better choice.
  • Make website navigation easy: Customers are bound to leave an eCommerce site immediately if they do not find what they are looking for. A fast website with a smart UX design is a must to make the online shopping process smooth and hassle-free. Differentiate all tabs clearly, have simple menus, and organize items so that customers know where to go to find out more information about each product. Another effective way to simplify navigation is to have a search function on your eCommerce site. Search features can boost conversions by more than 200%. Implement a simple eCommerce payment gateway like Zaakpay for customers to complete their transactions.
  • Deploy C2C marketing tactics: C2C or Consumer-To-Consumer marketing tactic is a marketing technique through which consumers discover brands from places and people they trust. They go by brand recommendations and reviews to make their purchase decisions. You can incorporate user-generated content into social media and the website. You can further request customers to post reviews, share images and videos of using the product on their social media handles. You can also display this content on various platforms where customers would have a probability of encountering your brand to increase your conversion rates.
  • Simplify checkout process: A majority of shopping carts are abandoned due to the cumbersome steps of account creation, extra fees, and lengthy checkout process. Too many steps to go through and too many fields to fill in the purchase process can exhaust the customers, leading them to abandon their shopping carts. Every extra step during the checkout process can reduce the chances of conversion. Minimize this process to a single screen with not too much scrolling, and collect only the information needed to process the sale. An easy-to-use online payment gateway, like Zaakpay, can greatly simplify the checkout process.
  • Offer live chat support: Shoppers may get confused when there are multiple products and categories on an eCommerce website, as they need information about products and payments. In such situations, they will need accurate assistance for their queries. Implementing live chat support on your website can resolve buyers’ issues in real-time and boost the brand image. Observe buyer behavior and proactively start a conversation via chatbots, offering them help to complete their purchase.
  • Offer multiple payment options: In the current digital age where customers have access to several methods of payment, your online payment gateway system must accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and alternate payment methods just like Zaakpay payment gateway. As each buyer may have a payment preference, you do not want the payment mode to be a reason for them to not complete the purchase.
  • Offer free shipping: One of the simplest ways to boost your eCommerce conversion rate is by offering free shipping to your customers. Most customers are likely to shop more from online websites if they are offered a free shipping facility. Around 61% of shoppers say that they may cancel the order if no free shipping option is available.
  • Use analytics tools: Use data-driven analytics tools such as Google Analytics to gain valuable insights. This would help you properly optimize your website. Website optimization must be a continuous process, and with the help of analytical tools, you can view and deeply analyze user behavior on your website. After studying the analytics results, you can optimize every single design element and layout.

In conclusion, website conversion is an important aspect to increase revenue and enhance your customer base. If you adopt the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can significantly boost your conversion rates, entice customers to shop more from your website, and enjoy their shopping experience as well.

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