Find out why you need a personal injury lawyer in Ohio

Should you consider consulting an attorney after suffering injuries because of someone’s fault? The short answer is yes. Personal injury laws are complex and often grossly misunderstood. People assume that they would file a claim and get a fair settlement because they have a valid case. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. In this post, we are sharing more on why you need a personal injury lawyer in Ohio

  1. You have limited time. Ohio, like other states, has a law – known as the statute of limitations – that sets the time limit for personal injury cases. No matter whether you have an auto accident case or a claim of medical malpractice, if you want to sue the at-fault side through a civil lawsuit, you must do so in two years. This is a fairly small window, and without an attorney, you may have a hard time getting a settlement. 
  2. Lawyers know it all. While not all personal injury lawyers have the same kind of experience and expertise, they know the law and can take your case further. They also know what it takes to evaluate a claim and gather evidence. As you recover from your injuries or illness, your attorney can ensure that your case is on the right track. 
  3. Insurance companies are not working for you. Filing a personal injury claim is easy on paper, but with insurance companies, you cannot expect ethical moves. Claims adjusters are trained to deny claims, and they often adhere to practices that are in bad faith. If you have no experience in dealing with insurance companies, get an attorney. 
  4. You don’t need to pay now. Just in case you are worried about the costs of lawyering up, you should know that all personal injury lawyers in Ohio take a contingency fee. You don’t need to pay the price immediately. The lawyer will charge a percentage of the final payment, usually not beyond 40%. 
  5. Going to court won’t be easy. Another key reason to hire an attorney is to take the matter to court. Most personal injury cases don’t need a trial, but exceptions exist. If the insurance company denies your claim or you are not getting a fair offer, this could be your only option, for which you need to hire a lawyer. 

Although not legally obligatory, hiring a lawyer is the first step toward winning your personal injury case in Ohio. 

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