Guide to Split Air Conditioning Installation

Installing a new split A/C in your home is a crucial job. It takes knowledge, tools, and experience to get the A/C installation service in Tulsa, OK done right the first time. So, it’s best to leave the work to those who know A/C installation best—trusted local HVAC contractor or a reputable HVAC marketing agency with a list of professionals and contractors who can help you with your specific needs.. 

In this article, let’s discuss the guidelines to installing a split air conditioning system, so you will know it is done and why an expert should do it for you. Keep reading below: 

Step 1: Determine if your HVAC system can accommodate a split A/C.

Split A/C units are designed for larger HVAC systems that have separate hot and cold air returns. If your HVAC system does not fit this category, consider another cooling solution. 

Researchers are working to develop smaller split A/C units. As of now, the only viable solution for smaller HVAC systems is a ductless mini-split system with multiple indoor air handlers and remote condenser units.

Step 2: Determine if your wall is strong enough to hold the A/C.

The wall should be strong and support the installation. You can also consult an engineer, architect or HVAC contractor to find out if the house structure is strong enough for installation purposes.

These types of air conditioners do not have wheels so moving them from one place to another is not possible, unless they are dismantled into several parts and later fitted back again together. Do some research on wall strength beforehand because once it is installed removing them later will cost you a lot due to extra work involved!

Step 3: Consider the proper spacing between wall and A/C unit

Improper spacing leads to inefficient cooling as it doesn’t allow the air to come out properly. Sometimes because of improper spacing, the condenser may get damaged and has to be replaced.

If you don’t follow this step, then just imagine what would happen if you try blowing air into a bottle without releasing any part of the pressure (so that no air comes out).Just like in the case of a split A/C, you will have to use much more energy than required. 

Step 4: Choose the appropriate equipment based requirements and preferences.

A system that meets your home’s size, cooling requirements, energy efficiency priorities and budget is a game-changer. Ask your local contractors about A/C installation service in Tulsa, OK. If you have questions about what models are available in different price ranges, they can give you the right answer and recommend products that fit your needs. 

Step 5: Determine the right location of your outdoor component

Split air conditioners come with outdoor components connected to indoor units. However, a lot of homeowners don’t give much attention to this when planning to install this A/C type.

Identify how much space you have available for its installation. Make sure that wherever you place it, it has sufficient ventilation around it so that none of the condenser coils will stick out beyond the sides or front. The best situation would be one with vents all around and no obstructions in sight to allow proper cooling.

Sounds Overwhelming? Contact the Pros for the Job! 

Installing a split A/C is not rocket science but there are some things which should be kept in mind before installing one. The mentioned above steps can be hard even to those with a little knowledge about split A/C installation. 

For this reason, it’s best to contact the experts for proper about A/C installation service in Tulsa, OK. You can count on at All Comfort Specialist for the job. Set an appointment today. Dial 847-908-5363 now! 

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