Have You Completed The FUT 22 Deulofeu Squad Building Challenge?

FUT 22 players are invited to complete a Team of the Season Moments Squad Building Challenge that rewards Deulofeu’s 92 OVR item.

Buy FUT 22 coins PS4 at the best prices from U7Buy! The FUT 22 Team of the Season campaign has come to an end. But, we still have some activities to complete. Special Squad Building Challenges are part of this event. They offer the opportunity to snag Team of the Season cards as rewards. One item that is obtained from a Moments Squad Building Challenge represents Gerard Deulofeu. It’s a 92 OVR item that will make a great addition to your Team of the Season collection. We will need to trade in multiple cards to obtain this item. That’s why U7Buy has prepared some discounts for FUT 22 coins prices!

FUT 22 Deulofeu Moments Squad Building Challenge

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and see the item’s details first.

Gerard Deulofeu

Position: Center Forward.

OVR: 92.

Stats: 94 pacing, 92 shooting, 88 passing, 93 dribbling, 41 defending, 79 physical. The card has 5 in skill moves and 4 in weak foot .

Gerard Deulofeu Lazaro comes from Spain. He started his senior career in 2011 as a member of the Barcelona B football club. He also played for the main Barcelona team, Everton, and Watford. Since 2021, he has been playing for Udinese. The contract with Udinese is for three and a half years. Between 2014-2017, Gerard Deulofeu was with the national Spanish team. He is also representing the national Catalonia team.

Now, let’s take a look at the Squad Building Challenge requirements. We need to put together two teams: Spain and Serie A.

For the Spain team, we need:

At least one player from Spain.

At least one item from the Team of the Season or Team of the Week.

A team rating of at least 83.

A team chemistry of at least 70.

For the Serie A team, we need:

At least one player from the Serie A league.

A team rating of at least 86.

A team chemistry of at least 60.

We don’t want to spend too many FUT 22 coins to get the item. To complete both teams, you will need around 120k FUT 22 coins. These are some of the items that you can use to complete this SBC .

Spain team options: Kostic 84 OVR, goalkeeper Adan 88 OVR, Vela 83 OVR. The cost for this team is 40k FUT 22 coins.

Serie A team options: Hummels 86 OVR, Coman 86 OVR, Angelino 83 OVR, Dani Olmo 82 OVR. It takes 80k FUT 22 coins for the complete team .

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