How Frequently Should You Use Your Massage Chair?

If you have a massage chair in your living space, it’s understandably tempting to enjoy all of its features for hours on end, every day. One might buy a massage chair for a plethora of different purposes, making it difficult to know how frequently they should be using their chair to achieve maximum results. Some may resort to just using it at every chance they get. However, overusing your massage chair could potentially do you more harm than good – resulting in sore and overstimulated muscles. Let’s dive into three of the most common reasons that people purchase a massage chair to begin with, and how often they need to use it to see the best results.

Muscle Pain & Stiffness

If you’re counting on your massage chair to relieve aches and pains or tension in your muscles, it is advised that you use your massage chair 3-4 times per week. 15 to 20 minutes every session is ample time to provide relief and therapeutic healing to your sore muscles, and to guarantee that they don’t get overworked. Just like medicine only benefits you in certain doses, massage chairs work the same way – and they can be very effective if used properly. However, if you are using your massage chair to treat medical conditions such as sciatica, ask your doctor for advice on how often you should use your massage chair and for how long. 

Stress Relief

If you have or are planning to get a massage chair to aid in stress relief and relaxation, using your chair 1-3 times weekly is recommended. After work, before bed, or in the morning before a big presentation are all great times to put your massage chair to use. Especially if you do not suffer from aching muscles, using your chair more than this may actually cause soreness rather than treat it. Setting aside even just a few minutes of time to enjoy self care in your personal massage chair will do wonders for your state of mind, and your body too. You may find that less is more when it comes to using your massage chair for relieving stress and finding your zen. 


Are you someone who exercises daily and wants to use your massage chair afterwards to avoid stiffness and muscle soreness? Maybe you are looking for benefits like increased flexibility and higher energy levels. If this sounds like you, using your massage chair daily may be the way to go. However, it is advised to keep your sessions short (2-15 minutes) and at a maximum of twice per day. As an athlete, the last place you want to overwork your muscles is in your massage chair. If you’re unsure of how to use your massage chair to compliment your workout routine, try out this schedule!

At the end of the day, you are the one who knows your body and its limits the best, because your body will tell you if it needs more or less of something. These are just some general guidelines to help you find a place to start, and put you on track to get the most out of your massage chair. If you try them out, you may find you need to increase or decrease the amount of time you spend in your chair. In this situation, simply adjust your sessions as necessary until you find your perfect personalized routine. 

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