How to Prepare Reasoning for SEBI Grade A exam?

The reasoning portion of each exam is also vital, as it contains no pattern of questions. You’ll see a variety of different types of problems but, there is no pre-defined technique for resolving them. As a result, you should attempt as many questions as feasible to cover each category of questions. In this article, you will know how to prepare for reasoning section of SEBI Grade A Exam.

Reasoning Ability                                                               

Consider the following strategies for passing the SEBI Grade A 2022 exam:

  • The most significant topic in this part is the puzzle. Exams always include two or three puzzles (i.e.-Seating Arrangement, Linear Arrangement, Month wise, Floor Based Puzzle)
  • Alphanumeric, Inequality, distance, and direction, as well as blood relations, are crucial themes. You should go over these questions as many times as possible.
  • Understand the concept behind each question by being familiar with each topic.
  • Every day, practise at least 30 questions from relevant topics.

Reasoning ability includes some important topics are mentioned below:

  • Syllogism,
  • Alphanumeric series,
  • Direction Sense,
  • Inequality,
  • Ranking and Order,
  • Coding and Decoding,
  • Blood Relation,
  • Input-Output,
  • Questions based on Statements,
  • Puzzles and Seating arrangement,
  • Questions based on Data Sufficiency

Preparation of Reasoning Ability

We have included below an analysis of the previous year question paper for SEBI Grade A of the Reasoning Section, which will assist you in understanding the most significant and must-do topics in this section:

The following are some examples of puzzle and seating arrangement questions:

  • Order & Ranking based Puzzle- arrangement of 6 ropes of varying lengths and different colours.
  • 10 persons, single line, linear seating arrangement
  • 7 people to be arranged to sit in a circle facing towards the centre, Circular Seating Arrangement + Blood Relation.
  • 2 variables, Floor Based Puzzle.
Topic No. Of Questions Difficulty Level
Sitting arrangement and puzzle 17 Moderate
Syllogism 5 Easy
Inequality 5 Easy to Moderate
Coding-Decoding 5 Easy
Logical reasoning 4 Moderate
Direction sense 3 Easy
Blood relation 1 Easy
Total 40 Easy-Moderate

Preparation Strategy for Reasoning Ability

The following are the preparation strategy for the reasoning section:

  • One of the most beneficial things you can do is solve puzzles daily. This will help you build your logical and analytical abilities.
  • It is important to practise for the exam with BYJU’s Exam Prep that will help you in better understanding of the exam’s format.
  • Make sure you solve past years’ question papers to have a sense of the types of problems that will be asked.
  • Practice makes perfect, therefore make sure to practise simple topics like blood relations, inequality and coding-decoding daily.

Reasoning Ability: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Cram Wisely: Question papers have evolved into a combination of concepts and facts, necessitating a holistic approach in which you cram and understand concepts simultaneously.
  • Aptitude tests: Don’t forget to practise the SEBI Grade A mock test at BYJU’s Exam Prep, as it has become a thorn in your side. While taking aptitude tests, pay attention to qualities like comprehension, logical reasoning and mental ability.
  • Limited Sources: The source is like an old trusted friend who will always come to your aid when you’re in trouble. If you don’t have time to read new books, as our brain often forces us to do, pick a handful and stick with them.
  • Time management: Don’t waste your time talking and debating in an odd way. To achieve better results, avoid stressful people and adopt the Eat, Sleep, Study, and Meditate method.
  • Avoid social media: Say no to Facebook, Instagram, Web series, or any other social media platform that may cause you to become distracted.
  • Say no to phone: When you’re studying, don’t use your phone. Get an old laptop or desktop if you don’t have one. Phones aren’t designed to be used for studying.

In conclusion, the above strategies can help you prepare for the reasoning ability in SEBI Grade A Exam.

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