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How To Stalk Someone On Instagram

Ethical stalking is something we all have done. We all love to see what our favourite person or celebrity is up to. These days stalking someone ethically is cool. We just wish to know what’s happening in the person’s life. What would be a better place to stalk someone than Instagram? Almost everyone is found on Instagram. People tend to post all their latest stuff on Instagram making it easier for us to know what’s happening next door. But stalking means knowing things without being noticed. While you can view certain media on Instagram without the other person knowing, there is still some content that indicates your name as soon as you open it, like Instagram stories. Moreover, stalking a person using your profile can be risky as if you accidentally drop a like on the person’s profile they would instantly know you visited their profile. This article enlists best ways to stalk any person without him/her knowing.

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  1. Finsta account: One way to stalk any Instagram account is using a Finsta account. Now you must be wondering what a Finsta account is? A Finsta account is a fake Instagram account. In order to conceal your identity while watching stuff from other peoples profiles you can always make a fake account using different username and email. Now people do not know it’s you. You can even ask you friend to lend their account for the purpose. Now whenever you view any of their content it’s either your fake name or your friend’s name that is getting enlisted.
  2. Using a third-party application: Have you ever heard about an Instagram profile viewer? If not then let us introduce you to Instagram profile viewers. These are software’s that enable you to view any Instagram profile and its content and even provides you with options to download it. Instagram profile viewers have tools that allow you to view and download Instagram reels, posts, stories, highlights, IGTV Videos etc. it even helps you view Instagram profile pictures in original size and resolution. One of the best profile viewer apps is Instadp viewer. You can use these apps for android and iOS devices for free. Instagram profile viewers allow you to view and download Instagram stories also anonymously. Using these software’s you can easily stalk any Instagram account anonymously. Apps like Instadp viewer are legal to use as they indulge in viewing and downloading public media only. You can use this app without even registering or linking your Instagram account to it.Nowadays everyone is keen to watch hd movies. You can easily watch hd movies from hdmovie99.

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