How to Use the VLOOKUP Function in an Excel Sheet

The VLOOKUP function in Excel allows you to keek lookup data within a table array. By entering a cell reference, you can search for a specific value in the lookup table. The third argument is a column index. This refers to the position of a specific column within the table array. By using the VLOOKUP function, you can find the exact same data weworld in an Excel sheet. Once you have entered the values, you can use the formula to find the values that you want.


There are two main types of references: absolute and skillpage relative. Absolute references lock the formula’s location so it won’t change when it’s copied. Relative references, on the other hand, are more flexible and will remain the same despite changes to the reference. If you need to match multiple values, use the column coordinate essembly instead. Excel will automatically adjust the reference for each row. For a more complex formula, use the named ranges.


To use the VLookup function, you need to first sort the data in column A. Make sure the row containing the column is in ascending order. Next, select Insert, Function from the menu bar. On the Insert Function screen, you will see the VLookup filestube select box. Type a value into the Lookup_value field of the cell that you want to lookup. If you enter a value in cell A2, the value will appear in cell A2. After that, press Tab to enter the value into the cell.

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