Ideas To Stacking Rings:101

Stacking rings is very much in vogue right now. It is a great way to wear rings in a fun mix-matched style. Though many trends fade away with time, ring stacking is the only one that seems to gain popularity day by day. If you are fed up with wearing the ring the same old way, get yourself indulged in this trend.

Given below are basic ideas for stacking rings like a fashionista.

Stacking Rings By Color and Different Metals

Stacking rings with different gemstones will ooze a visual interest. Vibrant, deep colors such as blue and red will raise your style quotient. You can also opt to stack gemstone rings with different hues of the same color. This gradation of colors will lend your hands a sophisticated appearance. It will leave onlookers in awe and will turn you into an inspiration in no time.

Moreover, blending different metals and textures is also a good bet. A yellow gold ring layered with white gold or rose gold creates a contrasting effect. However, make sure not to be very matchy as stacking the same metal rings would wipe off your very purpose of stacking. Also, while being too safe, you’ll lose the opportunity to highlight your taste.

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Stacking By Your Hand Size

For those with smaller hands, fewer rings in sleek, narrow designs look appealing. Thinner rings tend to lend elegance to your fingers rather than covering them completely. Alternatively, for larger hands or long fingers, more rings with a wider profile are appropriate.

Furthermore, there is no rule of thumb on how many rings you can use for stacking. But it is alright to stack unless your fingers look overcrowded. Visit Here: wpswebnews

Use a Statement Ring

It is good to use one statement ring when stacking. This will let you highlight a bold piece without stealing away attention from other smaller rings. Well, the statement ring will act as a center of attention. This combination will create a unique appearance throwing off a well-coordinated layering. Remember to do not wear too many statement pieces on one hand, as they will look too clunky.

Lastly, there is no hard and fast rule to layering rings. Either there is no right or wrong way. It all depends on what you love. From metals to angular shapes and from textures to colors, you can stack rings in a number of striking ways. You are free to experiment and choose the style you admire. Visit The Site: networldking52

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