Key benefits of having wholesale cell phones – Luxury at an affordable price

There are ample brands and innumerable categories of smart phone to make our life easy and seamless. For a few decades, smart phones have impacted tremendously and thus, people often get confused about features and brands to go for. It is not a luxury anymore, as there are various mobile parts wholesale in Chicago that offer an end number of solutions. In addition, the influx of the wholesale mobile shop also encourages owners to get their favorite mobile device. The trend matters the most now-a-days, and thus, a variety of platforms are motivating buyers to grab the most to aim for the trendiest brand, seamless and thriving design. Here are the advantages of looking for the mobile parts wholesale store, and managing the convenience of smartphones came into play.


The display of the smartphone is the most crucial section and needs utmost care every time. While keeping the components of smart phones intact, the LCDs (IPS technology and its variations), and LEDs (AMOLED or Super AMOLED and its variations) need more attention than ever. The drawback of the expensive panel such as AMOLED panel, and Super AMOLED delivering extended periods of battery life. If there is any issue, phone replacement parts Indiana is the place where one can find many options as well as solutions to get the right display for their precious smartphone.

Memory and Storage

The RAM and memory play a significant role in smart phone devices and thus, mobile phone parts wholesale in Chicago is a place that offers high efficient system storage, such as  LPDDR3 or LPDDR4 at affordable price. For an unprecedented speed, there are 32GB to 256GB, which offers advertised storage solutions.


The basic utility other than communicating is clicking pictures. Indeed! Smart phones are all about ‘selfies’ and capturing random moments. The cell phone parts wholesale is the place where one can upgrade their smart phone camera and get unlimited factors such as a small sensor to elevate the performance. There are camera apps too that are also very readily available to enhance the picture quality.


The battery of the smart phone is generally lithium-ion technology and some of the battery technology is removable or non-removable in smart phone devices. Thus, current-generation batteries are readily available in this cell phone parts wholesale store and thus, buy or get a replacement attached and also, need careful management of the volatile substances from heat, water, and others.

SoC “System-on-a-chip” installation

The System-on-a-chip is a very important component of the smartphone and thus, from any phone parts wholesale store, and makes powerful and efficient SoCs usage to aim for the right functionality. There are many brands available in the phone parts wholesale Chicago store that are giving system architecture from ARM, such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, Huawei’s own Kirin and Apple, which are designed and architecture to offer powerful impact to the overall use.

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