Know What G-string To Buy and How to Use Them Appropriately With These Tips

Undergarments are pieces of clothing made from light, breathable materials. They act as barriers to skin irritation and possible pathogens that may cause infections to the genitalia.

A G string is a specific type of thong with a rich history. It garnered its sense of practicality in the 1980s and has gained popularity among artists and celebrities in the early 2000s. As this lingerie is still gaining traction in the world today, here are some tips on how you can confidently and pleasantly flaunt this underwear:

Know Your Size and Get the Right Fit

It is important to get your measurements and get them right as with any clothes. So first, you should know how to get your hip circumference using the tape measure. Next, you have to adjust your size according to the textiles. Inherently form-fitting or sculpting fabrics are ideal for thongs like G strings

Nylon or spandex-made undergarments prevent pinching, sagging, or creating line marks. In addition, it is best to go a size bigger than your regular underwear fit to increase comfortability. Thongs, in general, tend to create a “whale tail,” or the instance when the strings rise above your pants as you sit, squat, or bend over. 

You can avoid this by testing your thongs first before going out. You can do this by wearing your underwear and squatting in front of a mirror, then observing the placement of the strands. You can try on a different size or make your outfit adaptable to the situation when your G-string’s strands become visible when you test them. 

Get the Right Material

A G string comprises a thin and elastic band with a central patch covering the private parts. It can be made from cotton, lace, nylon, leather, and spandex, to name a few. Moreover, the manufacturer should make the triangular cloth patch from comfortable and hygienic materials. These types of textiles prevent infections and injuries altogether.

The fabric on your underwear should be moisture-wicking and ventilating to prevent heat and sweat build-up. And cotton-made thongs are your best bet in keeping you fresh and protected.

Additionally, you should only choose silky and breathable materials for your thongs. It avoids skin chafing and discomfort that can lead to rashes, bleeding, and swelling. Lace-made ones offer more stretch and provide more invisible panty lines. Meanwhile, silk and satin are luxurious and best used for special times and occasions such as honeymoons. 

Wear Them at Appropriate Times

In addition to reserving your silk G-strings for memorable events, you should also avoid wearing them when you’re battling an infection or when you’re on your period. Full-coverage bikinis or briefs are best to provide comfort and support in the genital area during these times. 

This rule also applies to workouts or when you have to sit in one pair of underwear for a prolonged time to prevent skin irritation and odour. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear your G-strings for everyday use, and you must rotate it with other kinds of undergarments based on your needs. 

Nevertheless, you can always wear your thongs sparingly as long as you change and properly wash them after every use. Underwear shifting and thoroughly washing your undergarments would prevent harmful bacterial growth and yeast infections. 

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