Los Angeles car accident: Avoid these 4 mistakes

Thousands of fatal accidents are reported in California every year, and a considerable number of them happen in and around Los Angeles. No one hopes to get injured in an auto accident, but some days are just unfortunate. If you ever get involved in a car crash, consider talking to one of the top car accident attorneys Los Angeles immediately. They can guide you on your rights, how you can claim compensation for your losses from the at-fault party, and advise on the worth of your settlement. Below are some mistakes you must avoid after an accident in LA. 

#1 – Panicking unnecessarily

It is hard to maintain composure when the accident has happened because of the other party’s fault. However, as we mentioned, auto accidents are not uncommon and can happen to anyone. No matter the circumstances, do not engage in arguments with the other driver or passengers. Confrontations after an accident never have fruitful outcomes for anyone. 

#2 – Leaving the accident scene

You may believe that the accident was a minor one, but even smaller blips on the road have consequences in real life. Do not leave the accident scene because you were scared or didn’t have the time. Also, don’t let anyone tell you that informing the police is not important. Unless you have a valid reason, don’t leave the scene. It is best to wait for a law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene. 

#3 – Post about the accident on social media

People are often tempted by the idea of posting about an auto accident on social media. Do not post anything on your social handles if you intend to file a claim or believe you were at fault. Let your attorney deal with the insurance company and other parties as you recover from your injuries. Social media is not the place to seek sympathy or share details of the accident. 

#4 – Admit fault

Yes, you may have been responsible for the accident to an extent, but never admit anything to anyone. The other driver, or their insurance company, cannot force you to make a statement or share anything about your fault. Circumstances surrounding an auto accident can differ from what you imagine or assume.  

Don’t be fooled to assume that you can deal with the claims adjuster independently. Insurance companies rarely play fair with claimants, and without an attorney, you could end up accepting a much lower settlement. 

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