Managing Work-Life Balance While Returning To The Office: What You Need To Know 

The pandemic has been hard on workers around the world, and many people are struggling with the transition back to office work. If you’re one of the people who has recently made the switch from remote to in-person work and you’re struggling to adjust, you’re not alone. Stress, changing expectations, and working to mesh with new coworkers can all take a toll in even the best work environments. Here, we’ll take a look at some different options for adjusting back to office life.

Talk with your supervisor about the possibility of working remotely one day each week.

If you loved working from home, it can be hard to imagine being back in the office, struggling through the daily grind, every day of the week. Many companies have realized the benefits of allowing employees to work from home at least some of the time. If your job doesn’t require face-to-face interaction with customers or clients, you may be able to talk with your supervisor about the possibility of continuing to work from home, at least on a part-time basis. If your productivity rose during your time working from home, talk with your supervisor about why you’re able to get more work done when you’re in your own space. If your supervisor isn’t open to the idea, you may want to talk to your supervisor or human resources department about other opportunities within your company that could allow you to work remotely.

Use supplements to support your well-being.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit of help to keep your anxiety down and your spirits up as you return to the workplace. If you’re new to the world of supplements, it can take some time to figure out the routine that works best for you. CBD oil is a great choice for keeping your nerves at bay as you go through stressful situations. Check in with your local New Jersey dispensary for tips on how CBD can help you stay productive while also helping you relax at the end of a long day. You may also want to look into a vitamin B supplement to help you maintain healthy energy levels as workplace stress kicks in. No matter what supplements you choose, be sure to also drink plenty of water and get the amount of sleep that works best for your body.

Keep up the practices you developed while working from home whenever possible.

While you were working from home, you likely figured out some habits that maximized your productivity while also making the workday more enjoyable. Perhaps you listened to an audiobook while you worked, or looked forward to taking a 20-minute coffee break halfway through the morning. Whenever possible, try to stick to these routines as you return to the office. While not all at-home office best practices make sense for the office, transitioning some of your at-home routines to your in-person workplace can make your transition back to the office a little less painful.

As much as possible, stick to your assigned hours at work.

It can be tempting to burn the midnight oil at work, especially as supervisors have struggled to figure out who was going the extra mile while most jobs were remote. Instead of pushing yourself to stay to answer just one more email, consider clocking out on time as often as you can. There’s no need for you to work beyond your scheduled hours (usually), and the work will still be there in the morning. Working to maximize your productivity during the hours you’re on the clock can allow you to get more work done than physically being in the office as often as possible.

If you’ve found that a different set of hours works better for you (for example, working earlier in the morning and finishing earlier in the day), consider talking with your supervisor about whether you can shift your hours. Other options can include a longer lunch break (allowing you to run errands or get a workout in) and a later end time, or starting an hour later and working through lunch to make up for lost time.

Above all, be kind to yourself.

The past few years have been hard on everyone in the working world, and it’s normal to take some time to adjust from working from home to going into the office every day. Remember, you’re not the only one working to make an adjustment — but understanding as your coworkers transition back into office life as well. Take office life one day at a time, and if you feel like you were truly happier when you were working from home, it may be time to explore some remote opportunities in your field so that you can continue your home office lifestyle for years to come.

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