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Moving Glass Walls – What You Need to Know Before Buying

What is a moving glass wall? Is it right for your home? Let’s explore this niche!

What are Moving Glass Walls?

As the name suggests, moving glass walls are large floor-to-ceiling wall systems that normally cover the width of an entire wall. Where normally you would have a wall and maybe a small door in the middle is instead an entire moving glass wall. Even if it doesn’t take up the whole wall, these systems are designed to cover a large portion of it.

If you have beautiful views out the back of your home or want a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of your home, a moving glass wall system is a brilliant choice. For example, you might entertain and have BBQs for friends and family often. If this is the case, a moving glass door makes any living space seem larger by merging the inside and outside.

Types of Moving Glass Walls

In recent years, manufacturers have invested heavily in this area, and this means that you have options. For example, one common option is a bi-folding system whereby the doors fold up when pushed. Normally, these doors will sit on a track and fold/unfold whenever required.

Alternatively, some homeowners choose sliding doors and these act like you would expect a standard sliding patio door to move. Luckily, you’ll find lots of high-quality aluminium sliding doors in Melbourne. The benefit of choosing aluminium is that you get all the strength of steel but without the weight that normally comes with it.

With the right provider, aluminium sliding doors offer protection and security while also adding to the appearance of the home. In Australia, you need flexibility as the weather changes (especially in Melbourne), and this is exactly what aluminium sliding doors provide. You get all the features of a moving glass wall but without the security issues that come with bi-folding and other designs.

Choosing Doors for Your Property

If you have a space that needs filling, you need to keep some factors in mind when deciding. For example, one of the most important is security. Choosing something that looks beautiful is great, but you don’t want the door to weaken your property or make it susceptible to burglaries.

As mentioned in the previous section, aluminium sliding doors are some of the best designs you’ll find because it combines appearance with security. As a homeowner, you want to challenge criminals rather than tempt them inside. When seeing doors of this nature, most criminals will simply walk away.

Elsewhere, budget is another factor since moving glass walls and similar designs can soon creep up in price. While some like to cut costs, sometimes it’s better to spend a little more for higher quality. Although you will pay more initially, the fact that it lasts longer means that you’ll save in the long term.

Furthermore, one factor that often gets forgotten is sound. Beginners often assume that all doors are built equally, but this isn’t true. If you live in a busy neighbourhood, you might want to choose a material that reflects sound and keeps it outside. Otherwise, the sound will pass through into your living areas, and you’ll get frustrated while trying to binge the latest Netflix series.

When choosing doors, pay attention to the noise reduction coefficient, budget, size, material, and more. If you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals for tailored advice!

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