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Choosing the proper material for the production of medical clothing is not an easy task, undertaken by brands with experience and traditions when making medical work wear.

When medical professionals look for the perfect outfit for work, the place where they spend most of their time due to their long-hour shifts, they look for good-cut clothing, durability, protective fabric, and light wear. At ScrubBox, you can find top-quality brands that offer state-of-the-art high-tech medical uniforms and accessories. If you want to learn more about medical staff’s uniform fabrics, continue reading this article.

Top 5 Fabrics for Medical Workwear

High-tech Medical Clothing


High-tech medical clothing, designed and manufactured by brands with experience and tradition, use fabrics suitable or specially designed for medical clothing. They have the necessary features and durability that make them suitable for providing the daily comfort of healthcare professionals. 

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Innovation is woven into every thread of the fabric to ensure the most appropriate medical workwear for medical professionals. Among  most commonly used materials are: cotton, linen, spandex, artificial silk. The trend is towards an increasingly active improvement of the materials from which medical work clothes are produced, with the aim of creating highly resistant products that protect against body fluids and pollutants.

Cotton Medical Clothing

Professionals looking for maru gujarat high-quality medical work wear can rely on cotton. It is suitable for the production of both summer and winter medical clothing. Its texture is soft and pleasant, to the touch. It perfectly absorbs moisture and does not allow steaming. This natural material allows the skin to breathe and does not accumulate static electricity. The negatives of cotton are related to its easy film indir mobil wrinkling and soiling, as well as shrinkage when washing at high temperatures. To avoid these disadvantages, it gets often combined with other fibers or substances added to create cotton, that is easily sustainable.


Linen creates an incredible feeling of comfort and is known for its health benefits. It has valuable hygienic advantages and does not allow the retention of bacteria. Ideal for sensitive skin, as it is gentle to the touch and does not cause allergic reactions. Linen perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly after washing. It creates a feeling of comfort. Strong, durable, resistant, and breathable.


Polyester in the clothing of medical workers. It features wrinkle resistance, easy maintenance, durability, wear resistance, and quick drying. Unfortunately, the texture is rougher, and static can builds up. A disadvantage of polyester is the inability of the skin to breathe, which causes it to irritate sometimes. 

Brands can get a good result by mixing it with natural threads to overcome the shortcomings of this otherwise resistant and strong fabric. For medical clothes, it is mixed with silk. The materia, obtained this way, is durable, gentle on the skin, breathable, and absorbs moisture. It is a practice to add spandex to polyester and silk to create the ideal fabric for medical garments.


Spandex is a fabric resistant to shrinking and stretching, wear, and perspiration. It does not sag and does not form unaesthetic folds. Light and durable, it is suitable for medical clothing. It is ideal for combining with cotton without losing its positive qualities. The main disadvantage is that this fabric is not so gentle on the skin. Some manufacturers solve the problem by mixing it with polyester and silk, a combination – ideal for producing high-tech medical workwear.

Artificial Silk 

Extremely skin-friendly material with excellent air permeability quickly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It is crease-resistant. Added to polyester, it is ideal for the production of medical workwear.

A Mixture of Materials

Most medical garments are made from a blend of fibers, which overcomes the disadvantages of each material while focusing on its advantages. These fabrics are light and resistant to washing and stains, keeping the skin dry and fresh. Innovative fabric composed of natural and artificial fibers, such as mixing silk with spandex and polyester is an ideal solution for medical clothing. The mix absorbs sweat quickly and pushes it out to evaporate, preserving and keeping the skin dry. The amazing properties of this fabric are long-lasting because they are not due to treatment with chemicals that are washed out with the laundry but due to the material’s fibers. The result of this advanced technology is a fabric that keeps the body dry, protects against unpleasant odors, wicks away moisture, prevents the formation of underarm stains and discoloration of the fabric there, is soft, allows freedom of movement, and is resistant to creasing.

To Sum it Up… 

Medical wear fabric is crucial for the quality of the final product. You need scrubs that are well-designed, providing freedom of movement and comfort the whole time during the long-shift of the medical staff members. At ScrubBox you can find high-quality scrubs, made of modern fabrics, to best suit the medical professionals’ needs. 

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