Six Adorable Small Cat Breeds

Petite cat breeds are sought-after pets due to their compact size and cute physical features. Small felines are the perfect choice for apartment living, as they remain kitten-like throughout their lifetime.

While average felines weigh at least fifteen pounds, small breeds weigh from five to ten pounds. Their height varies across breeds, depending on the leg length. Some petite felines have long legs, whereas others feature surprisingly short legs, such as the Munchkin.

The largest part of petite cat breeds compensates for their small stature with their vigor, intelligence, high energy levels, and affection.

These are some of the most adorable small cat breeds.


The Singapura is doubtlessly considered the smallest cat breed, whose weight doesn’t exceed more than five pounds. The small size, however, has nothing to do with their spirit, as these tiny creatures are full of vigor. Singapuras are capable of providing their owners with tons of love and affection, as they simply love cuddling and snuggling on their laps.

The eyes of these cats are claimed to be captivating, being green, yellow, or hazel. Singapuras’ ears are large, while their bodies are muscular. The athletic abilities of these small animals are impressive compared to their tiny bodies. They are playful, lovable, and sociable, always in the mood for socializing with their pet parents, visitors, and other animals. Visit this website,, to see a full profile of the Singapura.


Abyssinian cats aren’t just among the smallest but also among the oldest breeds worldwide. They weigh between six and nine pounds and come in unique colors, such as a mix of brown, red, and blue. Abys are absolutely smart, vigorous, and entertaining.

Individuals considering adopting an Aby should be aware of the clingy character of these petite animals. Abyssinian cats love spending their time hanging out with their pet parents and refuse to stay alone in the house for longer periods. Therefore, if you are often away from home, adopting an Aby wouldn’t be the smartest idea. By leaving Abyssinian cats alone, there’s a higher risk for them to develop separation anxiety.

Cornish Rex

Another small cat breed worth mentioning is the Cornish Rex, which leaves an impression of being larger than it actually is. Although these petite felines are eleven to fifteen inches tall, they weigh no more than ten pounds. What makes the Cornish Rex special is the unusual curly coat, prominent cheekbones, and large captivating eyes.

Moreover, the curly coat of the Cornish Rex doesn’t only make them unique but triggers fewer allergies. Their fur consists of nothing else but the undercoat layer of typical cat coats, which contributes to less shedding and greater softness. If looking for more info on the Cornish Rex, make sure to go through some online cat breed guides. Owners of Cornish Rexes are advised to keep their cabinets locked, as these petite animals use their agile, long toes to open them easily.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is another teacup cat breed to take into consideration before adopting a petite pet. This breed is often mistaken for Cornish Rex, as both of them possess similar physical features. Probably the best way to tell the Devon Rex apart from the Cornish Rex is by looking for short whiskers, which are typical just for the former breed.

In addition, the head of these small felines takes the form of a triangle, while their eyes are round. Regarding personality, the Devon Rex requires human contact to thrive and loves being the center of attention. The members of this breed adore snuggling with their pet parents and jumping around them to win their attention. Consequently, they would be ideal pets for individuals spending most of their time at home.


The Munchkin is definitely the shortest breed on a worldwide level because of a genetic mutation. This genetic mutation makes the legs of Munchkins much shorter than those of other cats, although their bodies aren’t necessarily smaller. The shoulders of these small felines are close to the ground, which makes their gait adorable.

Furthermore, the short legs of Munchkins prevent them from jumping as high as other felines. Nevertheless, they are still incredibly active and fast. Munchkins compensate for the lack of leg length with their fun-loving temperament and affectionate nature. They are excellent companions for children, seniors, as well as other dogs and cats.

American Curl

The American Curl is another adorable small cat breed, specific for its unique ears. The ears of these petite felines curl back towards the skull, which is how they got the name. This feature requires owners to perform some extra ear cleaning. Otherwise, they are low maintenance when it comes to the other grooming tasks.

Additionally, the ears of American Curls aren’t shaped in a unique way from their birth. It takes between two and ten days for them to curl back once they are born. The affectionate personality of these cute felines requires pet parents to spend quality time with them. Just like some of the other breeds mentioned above, American Curls aren’t the happiest when left alone for a long time. Although they aren’t typical lap cats, these fluffy felines are still loving and affectionate.

The bottom line

Petite felines are generous when showering their pet parents with affection.

Even though they are attention seekers, you would undoubtedly enjoy their loving nature, intelligence, and entertaining personality!

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