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Smooth Sheets for a smooth sleep.

Sleep is critical to your health because it provides much-needed rest for your body and brain and helps you feel revitalised upon awakening. Sleep deprivation can make it difficult to think clearly and solve problems.

Disturbed sleep can adversely affect cognitive function and motor performance; silk sheets can help you fight that. The capacity to operate heavy machinery or drive a car is compromised in those with chronic insomnia.

While eight hours of sleep per day is recommended for most adults, surveys in Australia have found that up to a quarter of respondents get less than five.

Is there a particular reason why silk sheets are prefered?

Along with developing healthy routines in the bedroom, silk bedding may make a difference. Silk bedding provides supreme comfort and drapes attractively, making the bedroom feel more like a suite at a five-star hotel. Your hairdo will last longer with fewer knots when you sleep on a silk pillowcase.

No matter what your hair type is, if you wake up with a knotted mess on your head, it’s because of the friction caused by your (probably cotton) pillowcase. The plant fibres in even the finest Egyptian cotton may be harsh on your hair. If you’re tired of your hair getting tangled in your pillowcase, try switching to a mulberry silk pillowcase instead of cotton. After sleeping on silk pillowcases, you can discover that your hair is softer and less likely to get tangled in the morning. Say farewell to morning hair and frizz!

The hydration of hair and skin is improved by silk’s ability to trap moisture.

Cotton not only rips your hair but also strips it of moisture. The ability of cotton to absorb liquids is well-known. For this reason, a cotton pillowcase can serve as a reverse conditioner, especially for hair that is very coarse, curly, or wiry. Don’t let your nighttime cotton pillowcase destroy all your hard work of the day nourishing and conditioning your hair. To put it simply, it’s time to make a move to silk. And the same is true for your skin! Cotton sheets are notoriously absorbent, which may ruin the effects of even the most expensive moisturiser on dry skin. In contrast, the protein content in silk fibres aids the skin in retaining moisture. Silk protein is used in many high-end hair and skin care products that can be found in salons and spas.

Silk reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as you sleep.

It might be irritating to have the cotton threads in your sheets tug at your skin as you sleep. This is the source of the sleep crease that, if left untreated, can become a permanent wrinkle. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase prevents wrinkles by reducing friction when you move about in your sleep. This is another way that sleeping on a silk pillowcase may improve your appearance.

Sheets made of silk are hypoallergenic.

100% pure silk has no known allergens. There’s a unique protein in silk fibre called sericin, which is responsible for this property. A sericin protein coating protects silk threads from allergies, mould, and dust mites. Silk sheets are a great solution if you suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies.

Silk won’t irritate, even on the most sensitive skin.

Pure mulberry silk has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic, and its long, silky silk threads are among the strongest and softest on the planet. Manufacturers employ a luxuriously soft charmeuse weave to create Mulberry Park Silks bedding to feel great on the skin. Bedding made of 100% natural silk is excellent for everyone, especially newborns and kids with sensitive skin or who suffer from skin problems like acne, eczema, or dermatitis. Dermatologists and doctors commonly recommend patients with delicate or easily irritated skin silk bedding.

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