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The 5 Reasons Water Is Dripping From Your Aircon

Have you ever seen water coming out of your air conditioner (aircon) then becoming a puddle of water on your floor? It is a water leak and one of the most common problems in an aircon. There are various reasons why water is leaking excessively out of your aircon.

Let’s uncover the reasons and find out how to prevent them from happening again.

Dirty AC filters

Water leak happens due to dirty AC filters most of the time. The accumulation of dust and dirt restricts the airflow within the unit. The restriction causes ice to form, which then melt and dripping out of your aircon.

That is why the manufacturers of aircon always recommend users to perform regular aircon servicing. Professional aircon servicing usually includes cleaning needed by your aircon.

Inadequate amount of refrigerant

Aircon can cool your space due to a process known as the refrigeration cycle. And refrigerant plays a crucial role in the cycle. Hence, an inadequate amount of refrigerant can cause trouble in your system, like the dripping water from your aircon.

You’re probably wondering how is that possible.

It is because refrigerant helps the transfer of heat within your system. Inadequate refrigerant means it cannot transfer heat properly, leading ice to form on the coils within the system.

As a result, the ice will melt and cause excessive water to come out of your system.

Incorrect installation

After buying a new aircon, always follow the manufacturer’s suggestion: please hire a certified aircon contractor to perform aircon installation.

The main reason is the aircon must be installed meticulously. Improper installation can lead to many problems, like a gas leak or water leak.

For example, wrong height measurement makes the water does not flow down to the drain pipe. As a result, water pools within the unit because the drain pipe does not transfer the water out from the system. The next thing that happens is water starts dripping from your aircon.

Cracked drain pan

A drain pan collects water from the air conditioning system before transferring it out to the drain lines. Everyday use will cause wear and tear on the drain pan. After a while, they can break due to rust or crack.

When that happens, water can leak from your system if you do not replace it.

Sticky debris or mould in the drain lines

Dirt, dust, debris, or mould can accumulate on the surface of the parts of your aircon. For instance, a buildup of such dirt can happen inside your drain lines. It will be a problem if they make the drain lines become clogged.

Clogged drain lines cannot transfer water from your system to a designated place outside your home. That is why water can leak from your aircon.

As homeowners, you can use the best aircon chemical wash contractor to give your air conditioning system a thorough cleaning. That kind of service can help you to vacuum and clean the drain lines of your aircon.

Preventing excessive dripping water from your air conditioner

The key takeaways that can help to maintain the efficiency of your aircon are:

  • Clean the filters of your AC regularly
  • Follow manufacturer’s suggestion to perform regular servicing for your aircon
  • For a brand new AC, hire a certified contractor to install it

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