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The Dangers Behind Drinking Unfiltered Water

Water and health are tied with each other. Less water can cause lots of dysfunction in your body. Similarly, the quality of water matters too. At times we are not conscious about it. But it is important to know about the dangers of drinking unfiltered water to be more conscious about it. Our body cannot survive without water, and it cannot survive on unfiltered water either. Unfiltered water can cause havoc to our health. So, to avoid drinking unfiltered water, we all should use an aqua clear water systems. It filters the water, making it pure and completely harmless.

Few Diseases Caused By Contaminated Water

1. Cholera

Cholera is a severe diarrheal illness caused by the Vibrio cholerae bacteria infecting the bowel. One of the core reasons for having Cholera is to consume unfiltered or contaminated water. The infection is frequently moderate or asymptomatic, but it can also be severe and life-threatening. Therefore, it is important to drink pure water to avoid it as unfiltered water is one of the biggest causes of Cholera.

2. Diarrhoea

It is a disease that could be caused by lots of reasons, such as infections by bacteria, infections by pre-toxins, consumption of unfiltered or contaminated water, mediations, and in some cases, radiation therapy can cause this disease. It could be a symptom of an ongoing disease or chronic ailment or caused by a short-term illness that goes away in a few days.

3. Polio

We all know that Polio is also called poliomyelitis. It is a disease that can be transmitted through contaminated or unfiltered water. The polio vaccines could prevent this virus. As a result, polio vaccines have become compulsory for everyone. Although it is a common disease, it is important to have the right treatment at the right time. In the absence of the right treatment, it can cause paralysis too.

4. Typhoid Fever

Salmonella Enterica serotype Typhi germs cause typhoid illness. The consumption of tainted food or water is one of the main reasons for Typhoid. Typhoid fever is diagnosed when Salmonella germs are found in stool, urine, or blood cultures. There are vaccines for Typhoid, but even in the contemporary period, the numbers of typhoid patients are increasing only.

5. Hepatitis

Hepatitis is most commonly caused by hepatitis viruses, although it can also be caused by infections, toxic substances, and contaminated water.

Thus, we looked at some of the serious diseases caused by unfiltered water. To avoid all these diseases, we all should use an aqua clear water system. It filters water and makes sure your body is not getting affected by contaminated water. It is quite affordable and useful.


To conclude we can say, day by day the pollution is increasing. With increasing factories, vehicles, the sources of water are getting polluted. To make sure that the water we are drinking is completely pure, we need an aqua clear water system, which will make sure the quality of the water is good and it won’t harm our body.

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