The Right Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Diamonds for an engagement ring might be difficult to locate for many individuals. It’s important to evaluate the diamond’s cut, colour, and clarity in addition to its shape. There’s also the carat weight of the diamond. You’ll need metal for the setting. When considering variables like size, fluorescence, diamond forms, and more, it’s easy to see why so many people are daunted. Purchasing an engagement ring in Melbourne need not be a difficult task. As long as you follow the proper method, selecting the right engagement or wedding ring for your significant other will not cause you any concern.


How much of your salary should you spend on an engagement ring? You may have already heard this from others. The cost of a “good” engagement ring may also be estimated at a relatively high proportion of the real cost using engagement ring pricing standards. For the most part, diamond marketers and sellers have invented most of the standards governing engagement rings and pricing in Melbourne in order to fool their consumers. Consider both your financial situation and your fiance-to-individual desires while calculating your budget. After tying the knot, a new life together is a costly endeavour. Choosing an engagement ring that you can afford rather than according to outdated “laws” may help alleviate your financial stress and anxiety. It will instead be about your fiancée and the delight of becoming married to the love of your life instead.


Consider her own style as the second step in developing a ring that she will like. You may see their other jewellery by looking at it. How much gold, if any, is used in the jewellery? Do they like classic or cutting-edge styles? It’s possible to gain a feel of her character simply by looking at the clothes and accessories she’s wearing. You may be able to figure out what sort of ring she likes by looking at what she wears. Platinum bevelled rings are a great option for those who want something a little more modern.

Your fiance’s family and friends may also be a good source of information for you. Support from your fiancé’s family may be invaluable to you during this stressful time. What your spouse loves and doesn’t like may already be known to you. You might even enlist the support of a close friend to help you narrow down your choices as you look through the rings.


It’s crucial to think about the shape of your diamond while having an engagement ring made in Melbourne. The most important component in deciding the shape of a product is the individual’s preference. Heart-shaped rings are among the many options available. Your table arrangement may be affected by the shape of your table. The most important thing is to have a setting that will keep your diamond safe and secure. Included in this is ensuring the point of a heart-shaped diamond isn’t prone to chipping.

Look for the finest diamonds that can be found everywhere.

This may be the most important piece of advice for buying an engagement ring in Melbourne. Brilliance and fire are terms used in the diamond business to describe a diamond’s shine. Because of this, we advise our readers to spend more money on cutting quality than any other aspect. You should avoid diamonds that have been cut too shallowly since the pavilion is lighted at a low angle, and you don’t want that. With a shallow cut, light escapes via the sides of the diamond, not the table and into your eyes. Avoid buying a diamond that has been hacked to the point of destruction. A high angle of reflection reduces the brightness of the diamond—GIA-certified diamonds in the 1 carat G colour range from $8,000 to $12,000 in Melbourne.


Choose a colour that suits your companion’s flair. If she normally wears silver jewellery, white gold is a fantastic choice. Try a rose gold ring to add a splash of colour to her outfit. White gold is often preferred over platinum as a precious metal. White gold resembles platinum in appearance but costs a fraction of platinum’s price and requires significantly less maintenance and cleaning.


There are mountings to suit every taste, from the subtle elegance of a solitaire ring to the rich detailing of an antique band. If your fiancée is active or has a job that requires a lot of manual labour, a bezel or flush setting would be a better choice since the diamond won’t stick out as much as it would in other settings. The ideal choice for someone seeking something distinctive is a more customised ring. Engagement rings cost an average of $5400 in Australia.


It’s important to get the ring size right after the proposal, even if it seems obvious. An uncomfortable fit may make even the “ideal ring” seem unappealing. Adjusting the ring due to the wrong size can need sending it in, depending on your setting type. Don’t leave it till the last minute to figure out your partner’s ring size with the aid of a free ring sizer.

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