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Top 6 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Basel During Your Trip

Deservedly referred to as Switzerland’s cultural city, Basel is guaranteed to wow you with its numerous museums and ancient structures. The city is home to over 170,000 people who largely speak German, which shouldn’t worry you if you are an English speaker as there are a dozen translation apps to help you get along.

Basel is a small city compared to Zurich and Geneva and quite never gets the attention it deserves. But we promise your visit to Switzerland will be more memorable with a stop by or even to reside here.

In this quick guide, we take a look at the 6 best neighborhoods for you to stay in Basel.

St. Alban

If you love exploring different cuisines and just simply relaxing, St. Alban is the place for you. Lined with ancient buildings perched along narrow streets, St. Alban promises unforgettable experiences.

The Stadion St. Jakob Park is a place to visit for sports lovers. It plays host to major tennis and football events, and if you are lucky, you may see a sports icon in one of those matches. The Wolf-Gottesacker, although spine-tingling, will appeal to curious minds.

Our review of St. Alban would be incomplete if we did not mention the Kunstmuseum Basel. This museum is home to works of notable painters such as Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

You will find lots of accommodation options here including some of the best hotels and monthly apartments in the city of Basel should you decide to extend your stay.


This is a great place to stay if you are traveling with your family. The kids will love a visit to the Basel Zoo where they can see the rare Pygmy Hippopotamus.

Besides the zoo, there are lots of parks that offer great fun for family excursions. Schutzenmatt Park has beautiful scenery and sporting facilities for kids and adults.

Bachletten offers unmatched peace and fresh air. There are fewer hotels but this is well covered by apartments and rentals tucked within the parks.

Altstadt Grossbasel

Situated on the left of the River Rhine, Altstadt Grossbasel is the nerve center of Basel. This tiny neighborhood holds the secrets of Basel. Here you will find all that pertains to the history and culture of Basel.

The Basel Historic Museum is the custodian of the history of Basel with exhibitions going back to the prehistoric ages. Visitors can also experience embers of the city’s history through a number of well-preserved 15th-century structures. 

The best way to explore Altstadt Grossbasel is by foot, or take the ferry when doing longer commutes. There are lots of accommodation options including hotels, Airbnb rentals, and furnished apartments for those looking for extended stays.

Altstadt Kleinbasel

On the right side of the River Rhine, opposite Altstadt Grossbasel, sits Altstadt Kleinbasel. The people of Kleinbasel prefer a more vibrant life compared to Grossbasel. Here, the night comes to life with dusk to dawn parties in the several bars and restaurants along the river bank.

The history of Basel is visible in the old part of the city with church traditions dating back to the 13th century still being practiced. Another great recommendation is the Tinguely Museum which bears the lifework of the famous sculptor, Jean Tinguely.

Luxury hotels, Airbnb, and furnished rental units are available to those seeking to extend their stay in Altstadt Kleinbasel.


Gundeldingen is situated south of Basel and as such has favorable accommodation rates and lots of hostels. Despite the distance, commuting to Basel is quick and inexpensive thanks to the train station.

Gundeldingen is more of a conduit point for those looking to experience all of Basel’s neighborhood. This does not mean the area is devoid of a distinctive culture. The food culture here is to die for. It’s one of the few places that serves Asian cuisine as well as Central European food.

If you are looking for an affordable way to experience Basel, Gundeldingen is the place to be.


Like Gundeldingen, Centralbahnplatz sits right next to the main train station, making it a perfect place for those seeking to explore other parts of Switzerland or neighboring countries on the go.

Again, like Gundeldingen, Centralbahnplatz has affordable hotels and hostel accommodations. If you are on a tight budget this place comes highly recommended.

Staying in Centralbahnplatz not only accords you easy travels but also access to great Central European cuisine.

Welcome to Basel!

From astonishing museums to expansive parks and ancient cultures, there is something for every visitor to enjoy in Basel. For new and returning visitors alike, the 6 neighborhoods we’ve listed above are a must-check if looking for a place to live.

We hope you enjoy your stay in this magical city!

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