Ultimate Maharashtrian Jewelry Guide that beautify Marathi Bride

Dressed in a beautiful red Paithani saree made of silk and zari, hair tied in a bun decorated with Ambada and gajara, the bride looks majestic. It is a dream of every girl to wear traditional gold jewellery on her special occasion given by her mother with lots of love and blessings. Like every other culture, Maharashtrian culture is rich with its beautiful pieces of traditional gold jewellery. Every piece of jewellery has its name and significance and they all are added to the jewellery essentials list of a bride.  Missing any piece of jewellery makes the bridal look incomplete. The bride has to look beautiful from head to toe on her special occasion wearing a beautiful Paithani saree in front of her groom.

Here is an ultimate guide for Maharashtrian Jewellery designs that must be added to the jewellery essentials of a bride.


It is a string of pearls tied horizontally across the forehead to both bride and groom at the time of their wedding. The pearls are tied when the couple enters the mandap and is ready to follow all the marriage rituals.


It is a very essential piece of jewellery made of pearls and gemstones worn by the bride. It is a traditional Maharashtrian necklace with 3-4 pearl lines stringed in a thread made of Resham with an adjustable back that helps tighten or loosen the necklace.


Chooda is a set of green bangles made of glass. Usually, a bride wears red bangles, but in Maharashtrian jewellery, chooda with green color bangles is essential to wear by the bride. It signifies fertility and starting of new life. These bangles are worn along with gold kadas and other patlya sets to make them look more beautiful. You cannot wear these green bangles the way you want. There are some rules to be followed like they are worn in odd numbers and the numbers of bangles on both hands should not match. If you are wearing 11 bangles in one hand, then you must wear 13 in another one.  The gold kadas are called “Tode” and they are mostly gifted by the groom’s family at the time of the wedding.

These green bangles are worn by the bride right after the mehndi and then forever.

Gold Mangalsutra

A Marathi bride looks incomplete without her very special piece of jewellery that is a gold mangalsutra gifted by her husband on their wedding day. In Indian culture, the mangal sutra holds a very special place in a woman’s heart. It signifies her love and bonding with her husband which she cherishes during her entire life. Marathi mangalsutra is a bit different from other mangal sutras because of its unique pendant. Just like other mangalsutras, it is also made of gold and black beads that are attached with a beautiful and unique gold pendant set made of two bowl-shaped hollow vatis. These vatis are hollow from one side and beautifully designed from another side. The hollow side touches the body and the other side is to be shown.

The other jewellery to be included in the bride’s jewellery list is lambada, nath, jodvi,vaaki, Kolhapur saaz, etc.

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